Fieldnotes Hong Kong – Nicole Reed and Leigh Ryan

The collaborative work ‘Fieldnotes’ began development when Nicole Reed and Leigh Ryan began exploring and documenting their travels together. Centred on the city of Hong Kong, ‘Fieldnotes’ engages a uniquely tailored adaptation of their travel experience, blending the insights of Reed’s photography along with Ryan’s soundscapes.


“Hong Kong has always been a place that has held a massive interest for us, and when we visited, we naturally documented our travels as much as we could. We fell in love with Hong Kong and what we captured exceeded our expectations which lead us to the idea of Fieldnotes.”

“I have always wanted to produce a book of my photography and people have always asked me when I’ll be working one. The images I took in Hong Kong have really inspired me to pursue this. We brainstormed the idea of using field recordings and thought the music created from them made an incredible backdrop for the images.”

“We wanted to combine our work in a unique and complimentary way, and as a creator of records and a fan of collecting them, the idea of inserting a vinyl record into the back seemed a perfect way of creating something tangible, analog and beautiful.

The project’s end result is an amalgamation of mediums, aimed to entice both audio and visual stimulation. Field Notes uses the platforms of print and recorded vinyl, developed into one distinctive package. Reed’s photography is displayed throughout a 80 page hard bound book, while Ryan’s music inspired by his field recordings & sounds of Hong Kong, have been masterfully woven into a percussive electronic soundtrack, pressed onto limited edition 10 inch vinyl.

This rare mixture of mediums highlights how varied travel experiences can be, with the physical result being not only that of cultural diversity and intrigue but also a delicate and respectful gratitude from the collaborators as they pay homage to the cities they visit and the impressions they leave.


Prior to its official release next Thursday 24 March 2016, at
Union Heights (136 Chapel Street, Melbourne, Australia 3181) we spoke to the super talented duo about their experience releasing such an ambitious project.

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