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Herakut "Show Them"

German duo Herakut are dropping a new screenprint today to coincide with their new installation at Onethirty3, Hoults Yard in Newcastle. Nothing particularly newsworthy in a print at a show, except this one represents a slight depature for them, moving away from their darker palette to something brighter and cleaner.

Coming in at an edition of 66 (33 blue and 33 red) the 4 colour screen print is also handfinished so each differs slightly going some way to justifying the £250 price tag for a 52×38 cm print. While I like the fact these do seem genuinely ‘hand finished’, a term that’s being absued more and more as a description of “been near a spray can”, I don’t actually like them. To me Herakut’s art works so well on the streets and in originals precisely because it’s slightly dark, murky and twisted.