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Supremebeing presents Above The Rail

Supremebeing presents Above The Rail, as part of The White Canvas Project, in association with Beyond Retro and End of the Line.


The show features 16 artists working on canvases made from recycled clothing and wood. Artists include Will Barras, Mr Hicks, Guy Mckinley, Dotmasters, Mr Penfold, Sheryo, Yok, Jim Vision, Stendec, Dotmasters, Pinky, Hold Your Tongue, Grossmary, Neist, Mateus Bailon and Dr Zadok. The exhibition opens at Beyond Retro, Cheshire St, Shoreditch, 11th July – 5-9pm.

Cambridge Wood Works, Posca, System 3 and the original MTN are also supporting, so you know this is legit.






The elusive, enigmatic Mr. Hicks is one of the UK’s finest illustrators. A great artist and a proper gentleman, he has a strong background in graffiti. His characters are some of the most unique and evocative around. Winner of contracts and competitions all over the world, Hicks also has a somewhat strange fascination with felines and bread-based Italian food…

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