Mr Bingo’s retrospective Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection



Mr Bingo entered the final week of his fundraising campaign for Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection. The book is planned to be the ultimate retrospective of Mr Bingo’s popular Hate Mail project that started back in 2011.

Since the beginning of the project Mr Bingo has sent 928 vintage postcards skillfully emblazoned with offensive messages to (mostly) willing recipients. The book will be showcasing 156 artist’s favorite postcards created over the years on some 300 litho print pages. The book will be printed and bound to the highest standards by a renowned art book printer in Italy. Clothbound, foil stamped and comprised of the finest German book paper, the production and design of the book will be handled by Darren Wall, a London-based art director and publisher with over a decade of experience in design for print.

Although the artist already reached the first and second campaign goal, it’s still possible to support this project and win one of the rewards that range from copies of the book itself, receiving a personal hate mail on the internet, in a book or on a postcard, to getting drunk on a train with the artist himself.

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