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“Nature Morte” by Ludo

IMG_2047 copy

Ludo recently spent couple of days in the North of France working on one of his largest pieces to date. French artist known for black and white pasteups with green accents just shared with us his latest work titled “Nature Morte”.

The mural shows a floral still life composition with a signature twist – the green flowers are growing antennas from them, while black and white ones hide skulls insid. The whole piece was created especially for the building it was pasted on, covering most of its 3 story facade. With additional mechanical looking Venus flytrap plants around, the piece is a nice example of Ludo’s signature work he has been creating all around Paris and abroad.


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Ludovic Vernhet – Ludo Opens “Duality” @ Castor Gallery


On November 30th Castor gallery will be opening a solo show “Duality” by Ludovic Vernhet aka Ludo. Featuring works of varying sizes and mediums, the show will include some brand new canvases as well as smaller sculptural works and a site specific installation recreating a dinner setting inspired by Paris in the early 19th century.
This is artist’s first solo show since his London exhibition last year, and the first one with the young Lower East Side gallery. Built around the idea of duality and opposites, as a main theme of his work in general, the new pieces are introducing some new imagery as well as revisiting some older, most recognizable concepts. Known for his signature black and white imagery of biomorphic hybrids with bright green accents, the works are commenting on the ways mankind intervene and affect nature. By showing mechanical, often weapon related parts as essential elements of plants or fruits and vegetables, his works comment on our uncertain future. Just like the public works he created everywhere from London, Paris, NY, Tokyo, China to Caribbean, his global critique of current state of mankind often evoke socio-political conversations which is the main goal of his work.


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Ludo – The Chaos Theory

Ludo – The Chaos Theory – Filmed in Bangkok, the film shows a week, Ludo’s kind of week; fully emerged in Bangkok chaos.

Ludo explains: “Thailand’s capital was an obvious choice to hit for many reasons. First because the city is not over saturated at all with art on walls. That makes a new interesting place to discover and a virgin land to cover. It’s also a new kind of interaction because people there doesn’t get the idea that you don’t sell anything while covering a wall with a poster… Then the second reason is the endless chaos. The unlimited mix of noises, smells, colors,….is first of all incredibly inspiring, but also makes you reconsider some preconceived ideas you had. The city is an incredible playground. Disorder creates order or order motivates our disorganization.

This video filmed in may 2014 was created to be part of my London show at Lazarides Gallery later in the year, as a key to push the global ‘Chaos Theory’ concept and the butterfly [effect] concept.”


Ludo is releasing a new print


One month after closing his London solo show, Ludo is releasing a new lithograph edition with Print Them All studio in Paris. Marking the end of the big project Chaos Theory that featured travels to Asia, Caribbean and all around Europe, as well as the successful show @ Lazarides, “344” will be available on Thursday, 11th of December.
The image for this fine art edition produced at Idem Studio in Paris, is first introduced in St Marteen back in August, showing a large butterfly with gun for a body. This creation is artist’s vision of the human influence on nature like most of his mutilated half mechanical animals and insects he’s been creating. The contrast between the fragility of the butterfly and lethalness of a gun is Ludo’s witty comment on the strength of the chaos theory and butterfly effect. The image was further elaborated for his show through a series of smaller canvases, and the one used for the print is fully hand drawn.
This lithograph is gonna be released in an edition of 99, and we’re told that some hand finished copies might be available at some point in the future.


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New Ludo Billboards in Paris

Ludo has recently pasted up some fresh billboard size works in his hometown of Paris. After traveling to Thailand and Japan and creating some public works there on very unique and exclusive locations, than taking part in this year Glastonbury festival, French artist is back home working hard on his big solo show with The Outsiders London. His recent travels were shot for an exclusive video that will be premiered at the upcoming show. In between long studio hours, Ludo still finds time to go out and put some fresh black and white pasteups with bright green accents using his signature mutilated nature imagery and bastardized pop culture logos and images. Check more Ludo related news at http://thisisludo.com/

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Ludo – Fruit of the Doom – Solo Show


Ludo – Fruit of the Doom – Solo Exhibition – Ludo’s darkly subversive images play out in a range of multimedia, courting ideas of death and decay, juxtaposed against richly vibrant images of forbidden fruits.

Jonathan Levine – 529 West 20th Street, 9W, New York

Opens Feb 20 — Mar 22, 2014


VNA Artist Sticker Packs

It’s Friday and we have a super special announcement.

To celebrate reaching our twentieth issue last month and doing so as an independent publication, we decided to pay homage to some of the amazing artists we’ve been lucky enough to work with over the years, by gathering together twenty friends of VNA to create the ultimate sticker pack. With original, one-off artwork from each artist these are stickers you won’t get anywhere else and if we do say so ourselves we’ve got quite the lineup; 45RPM, A.CE, Buff Monster, D*Face, Dabs & Myla, Dscreet, Eine, Invader, Kid Zoom, LUDO, Mr Penfold, Mysterious Al, Numskull, Nychos, Richt, Ronzo, The London Police, The Toasters, The Yok & Vinnie Nylon.

The sticker packs are limited to an edition of 500, hand numbered and available to buy exclusively from our website while stocks last. A great stocking filler which we hope you’ll be as crazy about as we are. Grab them here!