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Between Stopovers – Sophia Hirsch & Johannes Mundinger


A stopover can be an airport or a train station for example. A place vivid at certain times, but not containing any inhabitants in itself. We see a strong link between these places and commercialized urban spaces such as shopping malls, parking lots, office buildings. These urban spaces simply lack individiuality and seem to have no unique appearance or atmosphere, where its purpose is merely functional.

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Poland North to South. Part 2


I always like going back to Cracow. It’s vibrant, multicultural and has a strong creative vibe. The art scene here however is a bit of a contradiction. The city is famous for its fine art academy and numerous galleries however street art has very little relevance. Most artist want to create large legal pieces but getting permission from local councils is near to impossible. The authorities here are conservative and don’t accept any rationale regarding the need to allow street art to flourish.

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