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Zeus – Streetopoly

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Our favourite fabricator of all typography, Zeus, has been beavering away in Amsterdam working on some projects. This is his latest creation, Streetopoly, featuring a board with all the biggest players in the street art world. You can play as Kaws, Banksy, Paul Insect, Invader, Zeus, Beejoir.


The game features all the key names in the business as ‘properties’ on the board to purchase and, of course, the ever-present threat of ‘jail’ for those pursuing the more illicit activities.

Watch this space for more information, you can now pre-order a set and check out Zeus’ other work here:


DMV x BC Berlin Video

The title of the show “The Wall” explains in one word the most passionate part of most urban contemporary artist today. The public wall space has been a platform to all different kinds of art forms for decades now. From Haring and Basquiat to Banksy and Kaws, thanks to diversity and quality the “Graffiti” or “Mural” art form has well established itself in the contemporary art scene. For the DMV big murals are a way to express their collective creativity and have enough room for each artist to bring in his personal style without getting cramped or overloaded.

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Drooling over Kaws…

Check out Arrested Motion’s coverage of the Kaws solo show at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, there are some sick pieces in that show for sure. Nice to see some of the original Kimpsons drawings and these fooking dope Calvin Klein ad disruptions…

I would sell my left ball for one of those. Oh and what about this new Medicom figure…

Siiiiiick. Be sure to spend 5 minutes checking the whole show out over HERE. Thanks AM for making me drool on my keyboard.

Hit and miss?… Arkitip.

Arkitip is a MASSIVE inspiration to me. It has done for many years. The whole collectable magazine shit… The extras that come with it? Damn I love it. They have a keen eye for print, good simple layouts and they seem to pick the right artist at the right time and usually blow us away with something we all want… BAD!

But is it just me, or does it occasionally fall short? I mean looking at some classics… issue 0020 KAWS with the free fridge magnet?…BANG!

Issue 0029 Andre (Forget the fact that it came with a bum bag, it was dope)… BANG!

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