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‘Get Rich or Try Dying’ – Marian Machismo


This (Australian) summer Marian Machismo brings you ‘Get Rich or Try Dying.’ A coming of age exploration of a non-linear generation, visually characterised by Sub-Cultural Symbolism and Generational Drag.

The Cultural Huckster has returned to Just Another Project Space with a new term she has affectionally coined ‘Generational Drag’.

‘Get Rich or Try Dying’ stands as an exploration of a previously undefined cultural phenomenon, a visualisation of an idea and an account of the fashion and stylisation of a generation undefined by accepted norms.

With puns so sweet you will want to lick the wrapper, references that borderline nostalgia and a flair for performance, this is one show that you will not want to miss.

Mr Penfold – Part Time Technophobe

Analogue/Digital & Just Another Agency are proud to present the opening exhibitions for this year’s Analogue Digital – ‘Part Time Technophobe’ by UK based artist Mr Penfold.

Touring from Brisbane to Melbourne over 2014 ‘Part Time Technophobe’ delves deeper into Penfold’s obsession with hand painted artwork that looks like they could have come out of printer.


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