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‘Get Rich or Try Dying’ – Marian Machismo


This (Australian) summer Marian Machismo brings you ‘Get Rich or Try Dying.’ A coming of age exploration of a non-linear generation, visually characterised by Sub-Cultural Symbolism and Generational Drag.

The Cultural Huckster has returned to Just Another Project Space with a new term she has affectionally coined ‘Generational Drag’.

‘Get Rich or Try Dying’ stands as an exploration of a previously undefined cultural phenomenon, a visualisation of an idea and an account of the fashion and stylisation of a generation undefined by accepted norms.

With puns so sweet you will want to lick the wrapper, references that borderline nostalgia and a flair for performance, this is one show that you will not want to miss.

Just Another Project Space turns TWO!



Beastman – Future Origins Show – 16 May

Melbourne is certainly in for a treat on Analogue / Digital week – not only are some of the biggest names coming to town, Mr. Penfold has a show at the Just Another Project Space and over on Easey Street,  Beastman is also having a show at Backwoods Gallery opening on 16 May at 6pm.

Beastman at Backwoods Gallery


Keep checking back as we have a big Beastman interview dropping soon!!