Series of Refugees Inspired Works by Pejac in Jordan

Migration 4

Last month Pejac took break from creating studio work for upcoming London solo show (details TBA), and flew to Jordan to create a series of refugees inspired works. With the kind support of the Spanish embassy the artist visited  Al-Hussein camp for Palestinian refugees, Azraq Syrian refugee camp and the city of Amman.

Touched by the stories and lives of these people, Barcelona-based artist created series of interventions that represents their struggle by scraping the facades in Al-Hussein camp. From depicting their journeys that started 70 years ago, to creating maps of Palestine over the last 7 decades, Pejac’s ghostly images are reminders of their distant memories, fears and hopes.

Along with these interventions he painted two pieces mixing black silhouette and colored details. On the streets of Amman he painted a young boy holding the Earth and being caught in the whirlwind of it’s rotation, symbolizing youth as the carriers of our future. Emotive piece in Azraq camp is celebrating mother’s power to protect their children from the harsh actuality by creating a new reality for them. All engaged and poetic, these pieces are showing the strength of well placed, thoughtful work that carries a strong, universal message.

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