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Above – Remix – Interview

Above’s latest show, Remix, opened recently in Detroit at Inner State Gallery. In his own words, Above describes his mission in his explorative new pieces:


“The intention for my most recent body of artwork is to explore new directions and re-invent the arrow icon I have been creating for over the past 15 years.

The arrow icon is sharp and constructed of straight lines and angles, void of any curved elements. My intention is to contrast the existing sharp angles of the arrow, with the curved and circular cut lines, achieving a dynamic balance between the two with a new fresh look. Similar to that of a hair stylist making a perm on a head of hair that has always been straight.

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The Jaunt x Neils ‘Shoe’ Meulman

The Jaunt have just announced their tenth trip of the project. For this trip they have booked flights to Istanbul, Turkey, with Dutch legend Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman and will be producing a brand new print along the way – selling them for 60 Euro’s, which is probably the most amazing deal around for a Shoe print.

The first Shoe tags appeared on the Amsterdam streets around 1979, and haven’t left since. From becoming a legend at 18, to running an advertising agency and now exhibiting worldwide, his work is affiliated with style wherever he goes. In 2007 he launched the ‘Calligraffiti’ movement, an art form that fuses calligraphy and graffiti.


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Burning Ink

Hosted by DC, Burning Ink is one of the coolest concepts out there, art is created by talented artists from around the world and tattooed onto the skin of buyers before the art is then burnt at the end of the week.

The lastest edition of the Burning Ink series kicked off at Milk Gallery in Istanbul last Friday 29th April featuring art by Ajay Bisset, Clyde Barrow, Dean 123klan, Éloïse De Guglielmo, Little Madi, Marke Newton, Frank Pellegrino, Cristina Petrucci and a huge host more. Their work was lovingly tattooed onto buyers skin by ROROFROSE, DRAMATIK and ILHAN BILIR.

After 10 days of the work being exhibited, the closing party for the event will be held this Saturday where all the artwork will be burnt – VNA are lucky enough to be jetting over to Istanbul for one night only to party with these guys and take some killer snaps of what the Istanbul art scene on the streets has to offer. It’s going to be big.