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Pejac’s New Pieces in Rijeka, Croatia


Spanish artist Pejac recently did a 2 weeks residency with the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia. During his stay in the city, he created 3 new public works, once again proving his creativity, technical diversity, and ability to visualize these unique concepts.

As per usual with the Barcelona-based artist, all the works created are done with different techniques, using different tools (not necessarily art tools), but still have that visual connection between them. Working with glass cuter, putty knife, iron brush, sand paper, brushes, acrylic and spraypaint, the new pieces include a wide range of recurring imagery such as deer, slingshot, flock of birds, safety ring, etc. Very poetic and easy to read the works carry deeper meanings and both personal and universal stories that Pejac kindly shared with us.


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Lukasz Berger Creates „Cisza” (Silence) Installation in Lodz


Lodz Murals just added another impressive piece to their large collection of public works and murals. Polish artist Lukasz Berger aka CekasOne, recently finished his permanent installation titled „Cisza” (Silence) as a part of his ongoing series of works that combines graffiti, murals, sculpture and  installation.

After tracking down the right wall that faces south, gets direct sunlight, has no shades on it and is totally flat with no windows, the project’s curator, Michal Biezynski, had to get permits to drill 500kg of stainless steel bars into the facade. But even the preparations were difficult and close to impossible, once the artist installed all 1,300 bards ranging form 3cm to 60cm, the final result was definitely worth it. Working great with the sunlight as well as in the moonlight, the installation plays with the light and changes with the time of the day or year. Symbolically, the piece indicate a new direction that Lodz Murals might be moving on forward – modern sculptures and installations. (Photo credit by Maciej Stempij)


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Finok Is Showing “Sorrir e Chorar” @ Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan


Brazilian artist Finok, member of the infamous VLOK crew, is currently having a solo show with Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan. Titled “Sorrir e Chorar” (Smile and Cry) the show is based around the idea of duality, or two sides of the same coin, and is created using elements from Brazilian culture and tradition.

By incorporating modified graffiti characters into these traditional objects and concepts, the prolific artist creates unique mix of styles which resembles the colorful and vibrant culture of his homeland. Though playful at first, reuse of familiar children toys such as kites (pipas) and hot air balloons (baloes), represents the rough life and unforgiving environment in which kids are growing up in Brazil. These games include cutting down opponents’ kites or blazing gigantic balloons that take months to build, and for the artist they symbolize a way of preparing for the perils that come with adult life. The show includes six medium-scale works on canvas and wood, fifteen drawings, five sculptures, and three site-specific installations and feels like his most comprehensive show to date.

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Giacomo Bufarini a.k.a. RUN Introduces “Parabola Di G”

Italian street artist RUN, is opening a unique exhibition and sculptural installation on 27th November 2014 @ Howard Griffin Gallery in London. Exhibiting for the first time under his real name, Giacomo Bufarini introduces “Parabola Di G”, a semi-autobiographical story told through a unique series of highly detailed pen and ink drawings that collectively make up a book.

The book follows the life journey of semi-fictional character, G, and explores ideas of imagination and creativity by showing important metaphorical moments from his life. The surreal story line is fully applicable to modern life, and it’s inspired by Giacomo’s personal experiences from his early days of creating street art on the streets of Bologna and Florence in the 90s, through meeting other cultures during world wide travels, to his current life and studio work in London.  This landmark exhibition for the artist is a unique opportunity to see the original drawings of the book presented in a complex and site specific installation, as well as a first major show of the renewed artist.


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Thiago Toes @ Polo Design Show, Pavilion Vera Cruz


Thiago Toes is a Brazilian artist who stepped up into the world of fine art after years of being an active graffiti writer in Sao Paolo. As a member of the legendary Vlok crew together with Finok, Nunca, Ise, Vino, Remio, Os Gemeos, and many others, Thiago brushed up his style and skills that he is these days using on canvas and murals.

Recently he participated in the fourth edition of Polo Design Show in the Pavilion Vera Cruz, São Bernardo do Campo, at Polo Design Center, collaborating with the architect Gisele Pacheco. For this installation they created a more elaborate, living concept of the traditional “white cube” style gallery space. With a tree in the center of the space that flourish white cubes to the ceiling, characteristic scent, and a custom sound system, this installation presents the artwork by triggering all the senses. Other than painting the walls and floors of the install, the artist showcased his recent canvas works as well as his latest limited edition print.


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Swoon – Submerged Motherlands – Brooklyn Museum

Swoon’s latest installation opens to the public on April 11th. We headed over for a sneak preview of the biggest street art installation of the year. After months of sweat, headaches, doubtless countless tears, sheer exasperation and hours and days of preparation from Swoon and the team, this is what unfolded. I’m not sure Brooklyn Museum were quite ready for it…


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Augustine Kofie x Moneyless – ASSIOMA


With ASSIOMA Moneyless and Augustine Kofie meet at the Avantgarden Gallery to explore a new theory, finding together all the similarities and differences in their works, juxtaposing them. Moneyless takes care of building a solid foundation and Kofie begins a process of research combing Geometric and Hyperuranic Platonic perfection with the virus of reality. The work of Augustine Kofie therefore becomes one of the possible variables directly connected with Moneyless’ axiomatic purity.

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