Imaginary Friends – Tom 'Inkfetish' Blackford

Legendary graffiti and street artist Inkfetish aka Tom Blackford’s new exhibition opens in two weeks and we can’t wait. This long-awaited d├ębut solo show ‘Imaginary Friends’ will open at Blackall Studios in East London on 18th October and marks Tom’s further progression into the fine art arena, although will be accompanied by a series of street pieces as well!

Inspired by his passion for Japanese animation and pop culture, “Imaginary Friends explores the mythologies of childhood, transporting celebrated archetypes of youth into a surreal adult world. Placing a veil of dark humour over icons of innocence makes this an unmissable journey into a twisted world of strangely familiar characters.”

To ensure your presence at what promises to be a packed event, RSVP to The event is supported by Global Street Art & Tiger Beer.

Check out the promo video for it below!

Inkfetish – ‘Imaginary Friends’ from four-eyes-good on Vimeo.