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The Hard Rock Stadium murals


After turning Wynwood into a worldwide street art phenomenon, Goldman Global Arts recently wrapped up the first leg of another big project they are working on @ The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Bringing urban art to a new spaces, and giving artists the chance to share their work with a new audience, 18 new murals were created during the last couple of months while the stadium was re branded into a global entertainment venue.

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How and Nosm in Red Bulletin

We’re big fans of the Spanish twins How and Nosm Perre here at VNA, particualrly after seeing their murals in the flesh in Williamsburg earlier this year. The scale, complexity and themes within their work marks them out as ones to watch in a sea of piss-poor stencils and ironic wheatpastes.

So stumbling bleary eyed onto the early BA flight to Amstrdam recently it was refreshing (truly no pun intended) to see them featured in the November issue of the Red Bulletin. The feature takes an in-depth look their backgrounds growing up in Spain, moving to Germany and finally settling in New York in the late 90s hooking up with the always quality Tats Cru. It’s well worth a read as the brothers have a healthy view of both commerical / gallery work and the ‘street art’ scene they’ve become a part of. They’re also clearly smart guys with a depreciating edge when being interviewed, showing massive love for  Brazil where they’ve painted over 200 murals, and taking a little swipe at their adopted home city:

“Things are quite liberal about painting murals down there. People don’t bother you. You don’t have to ask for permission. New York used to be like that. You were able to get murals everywhere. Now it’s a pain in the ass. You have to ask landlords for permission. The bodega owner doesn’t count as permission anymore. The laws got tougher. The cops got clever.”

To read the entire piece in November issue of the Red Bulletin (see what they’ve done there…) head on over to www.redbulletin.com