45RPM – presents Kilroy and Super S Enamel Badge Set

Fresh off the production line and straight out of the classroom sketchbook, 45RPM brings you two of your favourite childhood scribblings. There isn’t a playground, homework diary or skate park in the world with out one of these two iconic images scrawled on them. Who doesn’t want to be in the Super S Crew?


Two enamel badges of Kilroy Was Here and Super S, packaged in a hand-painted gift box with a 64 page B/W mini fanzine of all the best internet found dedications to Super S and Kilroy worldwide, plus a bunch of photos of Super S wall rap sprays. Each fanzine also includes four photo prints of photos included in the publication.


The special sets include:

2x Enamel badges
1x Hand-painted gift box
1x 64 page B/W fanzine (hand tagged cover)
4x Photo prints


For more info and to get your grubby mitts on your set, get online: