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Buff Monster – Toy Machine Toys


Buff Monster is now offering offering the toys and tokens from the toy machine on buffmonster.com. There are two styles: Ice Cream Resin Heads and Melty Misfits Cheap Toys. The Ice Cream Resin Heads come in four main variations (Original, Zombie, Devil, Skull) and there are also three rare variations (Split Devil/Zombie and 2 different Double Zombies). The Cheap Toys are based on the Garbage Pail Kids Cheap Toys that were released in 1985. There are three characters: Double Heather, Graffiti Petey and Alice Island. They’re cast mostly by Buff in his studio in a variety of colors of resin, and roughly 1 in 2 is hand-painted.


To check out the full low down on the toy machine, check out Buff’s blog here: www.buffmonster.com


Just like you were putting the token in the machine, you won’t know what you get until your order arrives. If you order more than one, you don’t get any duplicates. So, the more you order, the more variations you’ll receive!


Toys and tokens will be available for $20 each (+S/H) tomorrow at 10am EST on:


45RPM – presents Kilroy and Super S Enamel Badge Set

Fresh off the production line and straight out of the classroom sketchbook, 45RPM brings you two of your favourite childhood scribblings. There isn’t a playground, homework diary or skate park in the world with out one of these two iconic images scrawled on them. Who doesn’t want to be in the Super S Crew?


Two enamel badges of Kilroy Was Here and Super S, packaged in a hand-painted gift box with a 64 page B/W mini fanzine of all the best internet found dedications to Super S and Kilroy worldwide, plus a bunch of photos of Super S wall rap sprays. Each fanzine also includes four photo prints of photos included in the publication.


The special sets include:

2x Enamel badges
1x Hand-painted gift box
1x 64 page B/W fanzine (hand tagged cover)
4x Photo prints


For more info and to get your grubby mitts on your set, get online:


45RPM – Owl Army

After months of research, planning, drinking tea, planning more, eating biscuits and a bit of twatting around, our favourite West Country Owl Specialist has created these beauties for you to start building your very own Owl Army at home…

They are a super-limited edition of 10…

…Hand made, hand painted Owl models…

More below!
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