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It’s Alive…. The Chop Shop

It’s a bar, an art gallery, a music venue, a skate hub and it’s finally here…

The Chop Shop, housed in a former mechanic’s workshop, is only a temporary project – it will run for four months until December 31 after which the building is set to be torn down.

After a Grand Opening on Saturday night, the Chop Shop would be open every Friday and Saturday night until the end of the year, including documentary screenings, custom car paintings, street art exhibitions, a hip hop festival, and Halloween at the Chop Shop .

cho shop

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Trick or Treat 2013

Looks like the Bristol crew had some fun over Halloween at the launch of the new Blood Bags and Grimm toys from Richt and 45RPM


More jump off after the jump off…
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Blood Bags & Grimm – By Richt and 45RPM

The Small Choking Parts Toy Company Presents… BLOOD BAGS & GRIMMM, by Richt and 45RPM!

Available first at… TRICK OR TREAT, Thursday 31st October. St Pauls Church Crypt, Coronation Rd, Bristol, 6-9pm.

First Come, First Severed! Mwuahahahahahahaaaa!