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Bartek “Pener” Świątecki is showing “Cosmogramma” @ Inoperable gallery in Vienna


Inoperable gallery in Vienna is currently showing “Cosmogramma”, a solo show by Polish artist Bartek “Pener” Świątecki. Opened on May 8th and staying on view through June 27th, the show features his new series of abstract and deconstructive canvases based on geo elements, as well as large pieces painted inside and outside the gallery.

After years of being a graffiti artist, and being limited with writing letters, Pener built his visual language into something that is universally communicative. He evolved the alphabet into surfaces, and made words become unpredictable shapes created with bright colors and sharp lines. While his work can be seen as closeup element of wild style graffiti, upon closer examination they are much more than that. Through use of clean lines, transparency of spray paint, drips and splatters, his works are focusing the energy and rawness of graffiti onto a smaller format. The new genre under which his work can be fitted is Graffuturism, and the series of work titled „Cosmogramma” refers to the very moment when Bartek abandoned classical graffiti and started his individual search for the essence of style.

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Augustine Kofie x Moneyless – ASSIOMA


With ASSIOMA Moneyless and Augustine Kofie meet at the Avantgarden Gallery to explore a new theory, finding together all the similarities and differences in their works, juxtaposing them. Moneyless takes care of building a solid foundation and Kofie begins a process of research combing Geometric and Hyperuranic Platonic perfection with the virus of reality. The work of Augustine Kofie therefore becomes one of the possible variables directly connected with Moneyless’ axiomatic purity.

More jump off after the jump off…
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Competition: Feral's diagram

A special edition of Daniel Feral’s diagram was released this week in support of a new film and book, Futurism 2.0, documenting an emerging school of street artists known as Graffuturism, which began a few years ago as a secret Facebook group and has blossomed into a full-fledged movement. Now, Feral explains, it deserves its own mention on the diagram. A gallery show of Graffuturist art at Blackall Studios  is not open anymore but we give you a chance to win one of those amazing prints.  Just click the Facebook Like button under this article to be in with a chance of winning. Winners will be chosen at random with a random number generator! Good luck, competition closes on 14th October.

Or you can simply get it from Gamma Store.


Futurism 2.0 nearly here

Next Thursday (27th September) see’s the launch of Gamma Proforma’s Futurism 2.0 show at Blackall Studios. Dubbed as London’s first Graffuturist exhibition, the line up reads like a roll call of some of the biggest names in Abstract Graffiti. Augustine Kofie, SheOne, Joker, Lyken, Remi/Rough, Part2ism, Delta, Mr Jago, Poesia, O.Two, Mare139 and many more! If you’re not in London you might want to pick up the catalogue from the Gamma store. More info at www.futurism2-0.com

Rudimentary Perfection Recap

The  project that took place on the streets of Glasgow this July featured works of SheOne, Duncan Jago, Jaybo Monk, Matt W. Moore, Augustine Kofie, Nawer, Morten Andersen, Poesia, Derm, and Mark Lyken. Here’s a video that sums up the event and also talks about the fantastic graffuturism. Well done guys. Big props for Mark and Recoat Gallery for putting things together.

More info about the project on Graffuturism and Stylescanner.