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Graffiti Life: Street Creep

Tonight sees the opening of something special at The Graffiti Life Gallery; from the streets of Paris comes the graffiti writer and freewheeling chancer, Street Creep.

Tragicomedy, farce and lowlife behaviour all rolled into one, Imported Filth : The Art of Street Creep is a cartoon chronicle of the very best of Street Creep’s adventures, played out in the shadows and alleyways of the city streets.

Taking influence from sources as diverse as 70’s stalker flicks, Italian and French vintage comics, 80s skateboard art, and the real life characters found on the Parisian streets, Street Creep is a journey into the soul of a low-life cartoon character.

Seen for the first time in public, the exhibition features 100 framed prints in a tiny edition of 2. It will also see the launch of an underground vinyl toy and clothing produced in conjunction with Trainerspotter.

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Tonight at Graffiti Life Gallery

Tonight, The Graffiti Life Gallery will be displaying a collection of works by the IF Crew.

IF is a handpicked supergroup in the tradition of certain bands in the late 60’s. Assembled by Chum101, from a collection of artists who were all decidedly left of centre and naturally appreciative of each others work. IF has become a forum for creative and philosophical reflection, from which great things are promised to grow. Far out ideas, eclectic practice and challenging concepts abound but the manifesto is rooted in humour and fun. Serious intent, delivered in an unpretentious, irreverent playful manner.

Doors open at 6.30pm

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Recommended Shows & Exhibitions

Tonight sees a number of exhibitions popping up around London. Here’s our pick.

Not For Rental – Timba Smits & ‘Flash’ Gordon Shaw at 71a Gallery

Two very good friends of VNA, Timba Smits and Gordon Shaw have both recently been the victims of life-changing events and circumstances. Last year, Timba was stabbed on a London bus while defending strangers and Gordon has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer. In the face of these events this pair of best friends decided to make art that helps the world to be a better place, and so their film inspired exhibition ‘Not for Rental’ was born, which will raise money for two charities; Art Against Knives and Macmillan Cancer Support.

With over 200 artists exhibiting, including design outfit I Love Dust, Crispin Finn, Stevie Gee, Gemma Correll, Pietari Posti, Roman Klonek, Hattie Stewart, Nick Deakin, Daren Newman, Gemma O’Brien, Mr.Penfold, Miso, Ghostpatrol, The Yok and Sheryo plus a cast of hundreds more, each one-of-a-kind artwork will go on sale with all proceeds going to the two charities. The pair have other surprises that they refuse to reveal until opening day.

“Like all good films, there has to be a twist,” Timba says.

“At it’s core, Not For Rental is an art exhibition, but one you can only fully experience once you step inside the door: be prepared to fall in love with movies all over again. Plus, there’s also an extended-cut roster of curated side events including workshops, talks and film/screening nights.”

More information on the project can be found here. www.notforrental.com

Private view – RSVP Only.

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Mircolife – Will Sweeney at Beach London

Beach London present the first UK solo exhibition in a decade of London-based artist Will Sweeney.

‘Microlife’ consists of a series of detailed drawings and prints inspired by his recent trip to Mexico, as well as what the artist describes as “alien mausoleums, brain harvesting machines and winklepickers”. Having had a sneak peak of this, I can safely say this is not one to miss, with a brilliant selection of intricate drawings that you can get lost in for hours. Make sure you pop in to Beach for an injection of Mexican vibes tonight.

Doors open at 6pm. 20 Cheshire Street, Shoreditch.

Editioned artwork from the exhibtion will be available online at beachlondon.co.uk
For a Catalogue of works contact charlie@beachlondon.co.uk



There is a War – Cleon Peterson at The Outsiders

“Cleon Peterson’s nightmarish tableaux feature scenes of a barbaric holocaust, where might is right and the weak are merely souls with holes for the strong to torment and abuse. Deviance is the norm, and the displaced individual is forced to navigate this wicked world alone, finding hollow bits of pleasure and meaning in violence, sex, religion and drugs.”

Doors open at 6pm. 8 Greek Street, Soho.

For gallery enquiries please contact: Marine Tanguy marine@lazinc.com



A Foot in The Door – RUN & Dscreet at Cock ‘n’ Bull

We’ve already given this a mention but it is a collaboration that can’t be ignored. Street Art London present this event by world-renowned street artists RUN and Dscreet at the Cock ‘n’ Bull gallery, beneath Tramshed.

“RUN and Dscreet will juxtapose wall paintings with drawings, painting and sculpture, leading the viewer to reassess the role of environment and context in contemporary art. Come along to tonight’s opening party for an opportunity to meet both artists alongside the release of limited edition exclusive signed prints.”

Free entrance, open to all.

Doors open at 6.30pm. 32 Rivington Street, Shoreditch.

A Foot In The Door double web

Group Show – Graffiti Life

The new Graffiti Life gallery has a group show opening tonight with work from AGENT, Birdseed, Curtis Hylton, Darren John, Dirty Thirty, Deus, Ermsy, Lucaso, Newso, Sepr and IAMVENTSA.