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New prints from Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto will release two timed prints with partner Prints On Wood this Friday at midnight.

“Fire” is a 6″ x 6″ wood print that starts a new series based on the Ancient Elements. “Night Owl” is a 12″ x 15″ print that is the companion piece to Soto’s “Snow Owl” print from 2011. Both will be available on Black Friday, this coming Friday at www.printsonwood.com.

Soto will release his “Sotofish III” on “Cyber Monday” December 2nd on www.stormcloudz.com.

More info on prices and details of the prints can be found on the websites respectively.




Open Street Art

Curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery, in conjunction with Darling Quarter, OPEN offers large-scale, captivating public art exhibitions. The precinct’s debut exhibition runs from Friday 21st September, til 26thOctober. OPEN STREET ART, featuring some of VNA’s favourite Australian artists; Anthony Lister, Beastman , Shannon Crees and Hiroyasu Tsuri (aka TWOONE).

OPEN STREET ART explores the changing relationship between street artists, their work and their audiences, as the most significant art movement of the last ten years continues to grow. Darling Quarter is gearing up to become a premier cultural hub in the city, supporting the arts, partnering with cultural organisations such as aMBUSH Gallery to connect with the community.

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This mighty end in flames

This is a video portrait that focuses on the application used by artist BITKR-11 while creating artworks.

Everything from felt tip markers to flame throwing aerosols are used to create his artworks.

There is a strong visual energy inside his work which almost opposes his Zen like qualities while producing them.

The artwork was created over night from with the aid of paint fumes and hip hop beats driving the process.