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VNA 23 Limited Edition Launch Parties

VNA issue 23 is here, with prolific New York duo, FAILE on the cover. No release of VNA would be complete without a limited edition version of the magazine. This time is extra special though, as FAILE have hand silk-screened the mags themselves in their Brooklyn studio. To celebrate this, VNA magazine will not only be launching in London, but in New York as well, in the heart of the Lower East Side. Silk-screened copies of the magazine will be available to buy, alongside regular editions of VNA issue 23 at launch parties on both sides of the pond.

The New York launch will be held on 31st July at Reed Space, 151 Orchard Street. Please join us from 6pm.

Never forgetting our loyal London fans we are holding the UK launch the week after on 8th August at Lazarides Gallery, Rathbone Place, W1T 1HR from 6pm.



VNA Issue 23 is HERE!

Very Nearly Almost is here with its twenty-third issue, bursting full of interviews with some of the most talented artists from around the world. This issue features the prolific duo FAILE on the cover, artists whose unique compositions of retro pop imagery, patterns and type have had a huge impact both on the streets and in galleries. Despite having their hands full with several large-scale projects, they still found time to invite VNA to their Brooklyn studio to chat about about their latest work, including their critically acclaimed collaboration with the New York City Ballet.


VNA 23 doesn’t stop there in terms of NYC tastiness, also featuring the work of American design duo Morning Breath, who create retro-influenced illustration, as well as skate-mad character king Michael Sieben. We’re also lucky enough to feature some great graffiti in this issue, from London-based Vibes and international men of mystery Days & Peque, who ended up interviewing one another. Eager to cover the best of what we have to offer in Britain, we caught up with stencil legend Eelus, whose love for Star Wars and sci-fi propelled him to the forefront of the street art revolution, as well as speaking to chromatic image creator Tom French about his cowboys and skulls, plus a catch-up with Newcastle veterans Prefab77. We also spoke to Berlin-based street art twosome PeachBeach, colourful illustrator Hedof, hailing from a quiet Netherlands town, and Aussie Aeon, who regales us with tales of his recent, often dangerous, South American travels. Just when you thought we couldn’t cram anymore great artists into this issue, we’ve also got illustrator Moose & Yeti, whose Asian-inspired works have been causing ripples in the art world and large-scale muralist Agostino Iacurci who never fails to impress with his big, bold pieces. You’ll also find a street section jam-packed full of images from London, San Diego and finally Istanbul, which we took whilst attending the brilliant Burning Ink event, as well as products from Urban Industry and a great little selection of the latest art-related books.

VNA 23 is available with two alternative covers; one available through our network of stockists and the other is exclusive to subscribers and available to order now.

Orders placed on 18/7 will be shipped on Monday 22/7, as we have a new postage system in place and are ironing out some teething problems. Apologies for the delay but this new system will soon deliver significant savings on postage costs to you guys. 


As always there is a screen-printed edition of the magazine, but this time round they will be hand screen-printed by FAILE in their Brooklyn studio. To celebrate this, we will be launching the magazine in both New York and London. The limited edition copies will be split equally between both events and another 50 will be available through an online lottery, with all proceeds going to charity.

Stay tuned for more details about how to enter the lottery, as things will be done a little differently this time round.

Please join us to celebrate the launch of this issue in New York at:
ReedSpace, 151 Orchard Street, NY 10002 on 31st July from 6pm. 

Details of the London launch released soon, but cancel all your other plans for 8th August.





Thursday Evening

As we prepare our bodies for the onslaught of free alcohol and art appreciation that Thursday has in store for us, I thought I’d provide a brief rundown of what’s on offer in London tomorrow night.

Sickboy – Heaven & Earth
VNA 14 cover artist Sickboy opens his latest show at Number Six, Dray Walk. As well as an entirely new body of work, you can expect to see installations created in collaboration with some of the biggest names in Street Art & Graffiti, incuding D*Face, Eine, Anthony Lister, Conor Harrington and a whole host of others. As if this wasn’t impressive enough you will also be able to clamber into a confessional booth and regale your naughtiest stories (anonymously of course) to a Pastor, as part of one of the main interactive installations entitled CONFESS. All I’ve got to say is beware of eavesdroppers and alcohol induced verbal diarrhoea.
Full event info.

Read on for more of our recommendations, in no particular order..

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Trespass: A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art…

There are so many reasons why I didnt like the look of this book at first. For one… It contains the words “Urban Art” which is just kinda douche. And two… The cover… I didnt know who did it or what it means but it just sent me out the wrong message as soon as I saw it.

Having just watched this youtube clip though, I’m slowly changing my mind and I really wanna check it out…

Its so difficult these days to produce a street art book with a difference. I remember checking out new releases at Magma Bookshops or the Tate Modern bookshop, super excited to see a new book by Tristan Manco or a new book on Stickers that I had sent submissions too… These days half of Magma is street art books (And magazines I guess… Whoops!) We get sent all sorts of books here at VNA… Some amazing and some pretty crappy. Trespass looks like it could be a winner.

For one Wooster Collective are involved and they certainly know there shit. And two there are artists in the book I have never heard of and/or would never think of them related to street art or “Urban Art” (Bleurgh…) So I think it could be a winner. Only time will tell.

Taschen take note… Please send us a copy for review.

If you are in NYC today… head over to the Taschen store on 107 Greene Street for the launch night and get your book signed by all sorts including Faile, KR, WK Interact and The legendary Martha Cooper. More info on the event at www.woostercollective.com

Trespass – A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art

The book by Carlo McCormick and published by TASHEN is out in October and is highly recommended.
Here’s an excerpt from the introduction written by Banksy:

To some people breaking into property and painting might seem a little inconsiderate, but in reality the 30 square centimetres of your brain are trespassed upon every day by teams of marketing experts. Graffiti is a perfectly proportionate response to being sold unattainable goals by a society obsessed with status and infamy. Graffiti is the sight of an unregulated free market getting the kind of art it deserves.

Watch the first look at the publication:

Via Wooster Collective

The Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade 2010…

VNA turned up to both locations of Lazarides gallery on Thursday night for the launch party of the Faile Retrospective show and The Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade 2010. The Faile show is great. So nice to see some classic Faile prints and some vintage stuff I have never seen before. The Arcade show on Greek street is out of this world though…

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Faile and bast TONIGHT!

This looks sweeeeet…

It opens tonight over on Greek Street with a faile retrospective show at the Rathbone spot. Info…

To kick-start the 2010 programme, Lazarides is proud to present a rare treat in the form of Faile, Brooklyn’s infamous collaborative duo. Bringing their unique vision to London and featuring long-time collaborator, Bast, the two floors of Lazarides Greek Street gallery will be taken over for a truly experiential exhibition.

Haunts of 80s populist culture inspire the distinctive concept show. Faile and Bast’s
signature elements will resound throughout the galleries, no nook left uncovered, creating an explosively immersive installation. Interaction with a variety of participatory components will be encouraged among gallery visitors along with the added bonus of being able to purchase Faile artworks for a mere £2, unless that is, you want to use them within the exhibition, intrigued? You should be.

A hop, skip and jump away at Lazarides’ Rathbone gallery will be a 10-year retrospective of Faile’s work. Having emerged on the New York scene in the late 90s, they’ve gathered a firm following over the years with their flypostered vision transforming many a street the world over. Creating original imagery from an array of pop culture, their practice amalgamates: prints, paintings, collage, sculpture, murals and urban interventions.