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Half a Dozen Questions with Graphic Surgery

graphic_surgery_13_webGraphic Surgery has been honing their brand of minimalism for quite some time now.  Their bold, simple, and striking marks in abandoned spaces and meticulously crafted work for galleries are increasingly drawing appreciation from patrons and peers.

Recently I sent over a few questions, half dozen to be exact.  GS is a duo of Dutchies, Erris Huigens, and Gysbert Zijlstra.   I sent each the questions independently, and asked them to answer them ‘blindly’ ..a kind of  The Dating Game ,  questionaire, just to see how congruent is the party line.  Turns out…pretty much on target.

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Evolution – Bustart and Zaira – GO Gallery

Our buddies in Amsterdam put together this little video exclusive for VNA from their latest show at GO Gallery in Amsterdam, featuring work from Bustart, Zaira, The London Police and more.

This clip is part of a larger Dutch graffiti documentary coming soon…

Thanks to Rhylie Luanweir for the exclusive.