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‘Duality’, an exhibition from Melbourne artist, Bailer, opens at fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, on Tuesday 30 January 2018.

Photo: p1xels

Featuring paintings and sculptural works that traverse liminal states of being, ‘Duality’ aims to explore the ever-changing state of the human condition. Through abstraction, the viewer is immersed, unlocking their own mutable states of mind and coming to understand that nothing ever stays the same. All is fluid, moving.

Capturing a likeness of something that already occupies space has never really interested Bailer. Instead, the development of a personal style and the refinement of an enjoyable cathartic process takes precedence. Process is the most important part of Bailer’s artistic expression, and is clearly apparent in his work.

‘I have used art (and an array of other activities) as a form of escapism for many years. Graffiti, muralism, sketching, writing, all forms of creativity I have used to escape the hands of time, the act of contemplating my own successes/failures, impending mortality, the inequities of an unjust society. Getting deeply lost in the creative process is like ducking my head below the breakers. The roar of the ocean instantly forgotten in the calm below, surfacing for air briefly only to dive deeper. The noise of self- doubt, expectation and pressure fading into the depths.’ – Bailer

Photo: p1xels

Painting publicly in Melbourne for 20 years, Bailer’s style is instantly recognisable. The roots of his work are imbedded deeply in the graffiti subculture, and his new pieces push outside the self-imposed boundaries of genre. Bailer’s studio practice and public art incorporate a broad range of artistic modes.

Bailer’s art practice is varied: from large scale creations across walls in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Bali and Europe to more intimate approaches on canvas evoking existential explorations of the mind. His work is a fusion of biomech – surrealist manifestations of the self – expressed within abstract forms. Bailer’s art is currently positioned within these liminal states of the mind.

‘Duality’ opens at fortyfivedownstairs 45 Flinders Lane Melbourne on Tuesday 30 January from 5pm.

For catalogue enquires, contact curator: georgia.rouette@gmail.com

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm



Due to the hand-made rings, we’ve been waiting on stock to arrive so we can send these out, but now they’re here and we think this is probably the best Limited Edition box set we’ve ever done…


The rings, designed by CYRCLE, are a pewter version of their previous design, which was cast in brass. These weighty pieces are made as collectible showcase items and not for actual use, but they come in 2 different sizes, large and small. The rings are a lenticular design and read ‘CHAOS’ looking one way across the ridges and ‘ORDER’ reading the other way. The dual nature of the rings reflects the duality of CYRCLE’s work.


Also included in the set is a front & back screen-printed magazine, signed by CYRCLE, complete with 2 photo-prints and a set of 4 stickers, all of this is then wrapped in a matching protective screen-printed sleeve. This really is one of our finest productions and priced at only £50, it’s an absolute steal. We don’t expect them to stick around long…


We apologise in advance to our international customers as the postage on these is quite high, but due to the high value of the set, we want to make sure they all reach you without disappearing along the way, so please bear that in mind when ordering.


To order your copy, head over to: www.verynearlyalmost.com/shop/cyrcle-signed-limited-edition-vna-31