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Fieldinspired – Richard Field

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed new designer Richard Field is a graphic artist and aspiring clothes designer who has recently made waves with a series of limited edition prints, personally hand delivered to customers around London. His incredibly intricate illustrations explore the complexity of natural forms with a limited yet striking colour palette, each and every creation exhibiting the same ‘third eye’ distinctive logo. We caught up with him to find out a little more…

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Philth & Splendour


Subtly straddling the boundaries between illustration, design, street artist or graffiti, Philth is uncategorizable. His work is haunting, yet endearing, strangely attractive to the senses; the heady mix of symbolism and alchemy present in his work is inspired by the art in science, Victorian paintings and woodblock printing.


Projects with Adidas, Snow Queen Vodka & China White projects have all popped up to pay the bills, but he prefers to spend his time collaborating with start-ups like Viva Sativa & UTC from grass roots level where he has more creative control and artistic integrity.


The winner of Secret Wars Birmingham and finalist of Euro league has an upcoming solo show running in Bristol:

Friday 12th April, 6pm

Weapon Of Choice Gallery,
8b Park Street
Bristol, BS1 5HR
United Kingdom



Skel – Can you kick it?

Melissa ‘Skel’ Jaksic is a legend. She recently painted Oxford Art Factory alongside Shannon Crees, Alex Lehours, Anthony Lister and Sprinkles for the VNA launch in Sydney. Her creative projects include work for Absolut, Outpost, Paste Modernism and Secret Wars (now Secret Walls). She also helps run Ben Frost’s online print store, Stupid Krap, in her spare time. We caught her in between beers for a look at how she gets her kicks…

‘Skel’ means, basically, a bit of a lowlife, is that your persona as an artist, or your representation of what artists can be?

I got the nickname Skel from one of my crackhead friends back in my hometown. Because, at the time, I was a bit skinny and I guess they thought they were being crafty, seeing as I was Skeleton-like and it rhymed with Mel. It wasn’t until one of my friends linked me to the definition of Skel on Urban Dictionary that I saw it had all these alternate worldly meanings that, funnily enough, still applied to me as a person. I think everyone has the capacity to be a bit of a lowlife, and my work generally focuses on the darker side of people’s psyches, so I guess Skel is more a representation of what people can and sometimes want to be, but can’t because of societal pressures. The Dr. Jekyll to my Mr. Hyde I guess…

More jump off after the jump off

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Nothing to Nobody

Not content with writing beautiful articles for VNA, Jo Jette also moonlights as an artist and works on her own amazing online magazine, Nothing to Nobody.

Full of lowbrow art, photography, design, illustration and all round super talented kids, this is one not to be missed… and its online so you can check it out inbetween checking facebook and tweeting at work.

Issue four was dropped recently and showcases Ken Taylor, Ben Capp and many more. Check it out here

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