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VNA NYC Launch 2.0

So we had a little party in NYC last Thursday to celebrate the launch of Issue 25, with some limited edition, signed Swoon screen-printed copies of our latest lovely mag, with all profits from the sales going to Swoon’s Braddock Tiles project.


Our friends at Supra Footwear let us use their awesome NYC store in Manhattan, on Prince and Bowery, just round the corner from Maya Hayuk’s latest New York wall. Big ups to Chris Vidal and the rest of the Supra team for helping make this happen.


Sixpoint Brewery are bang into everything street-art and kindly gave us a load of their ‘Sweet Action’ Ale and ‘The Crisp’ Lager to keep everyone lubricated. It went down a storm and now we insist on Sixpoint beers wherever we go out drinking in NYC.


We had Miranda Maxwell on the decks spinning some classic hip hop beats to keep everybody moving too, you can catch her pumping up the jam at heaps of spots all over NYC.


A bunch of friends and family passed through, with everyone from Daze, Inkie, Expresso Bean Forum, Brooklyn Street Art, Jonathan Levine Gallery, Arrested Motion, Vandalog, Vexta, Icy and Sot and a whole host of fresh faces and fans.












Picture credit: Leanna Valente of Art & Fashion Salon blog.

Daze – Studio Visit

Chris ‘Daze’ Ellis is something of a legend. Part and parcel of the wave of graffiti that reached out to a million youths all over the world through the medium of graffiti magazines, movies and books, he’s one man that can certainly walk the wall-talk. There’s not many interviews with anyone that’s picked up a spray-can where we don’t talk about Style Wars and Subway Art, so here’s a few words from a true school, humble pioneer.


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City As Canvas – Martin Wong Collection

The Museum of the City of New York announces City as Canvas: Graffiti Art from the Martin Wong Collection. This is the first exhibition of 1970s and 80s graffiti art amassed by artist and pioneering collector Martin Wong, who donated the entire collection to the City Museum in 1994, before his untimely death in 1999.


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Daze – Indigo Dreams


Sleazy, gritty underbelly pretty much sums up the overall theme of Daze’s work. No surprise, really, coming from one of the kings of New York’s subway spraypaint scene.

His work can be seen in modern art collections all over the world; MOMA New York, the Brooklyn Museum, Groninger Museum in the Netherlands and the Ludwig Museum in Germany.

Daze remains true to his roots and still lives and works in NYC, depicting some of the characters he sees around him in his paintings:

“The Big Boss is a character I created some years ago but keeps returning from time to time. He’s a composite of an organized crime figure, CEO of a Fortune 500 company, politician, and stand up comedian. He’s a shot caller, big fish in an even bigger pond, a man with an insatiable appetite. He’s at the pinnacle of his success, monarch of all he surveys.”

His solo show opens Thursday, Jan 9th at Toy Tokyo Underground Gallery, 91 Second Ave, Manhattan, from 6-9pm.

Get over to Daze’s blog on 12ozProphet, you can also follow him on Instagram @dazeworldnyc