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ShangrilART at the V&A Museum


Armed with buckets, paste and brushes, the creative team behind Shangri-la and a few special guests arrived late last week to add their striking additions to the Glastonbury land and legend exhibition at the V&A Museum, London.


Works by the following artists can be seen if you look close enough: Jimmy Cauty, Shepherd Fairey, Chu, Paul Insect, Dr D, Noki, Mobstr, Steve Cutts, Dan Hillier, Andi Rivas, Carl Cashman, Charlie Anderson, Darren Cullen, Angry Dan, Hugo Farmer, Hal Hefner, Jim Chambers, Webbo, Hutch, Mark Hooley, Objectables, Aaron Baker, Natasha Carter.

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Banksy – Dismaland in Glorious Technicolour

Thanks to The Powers That Be, we managed to sneak into get a VIP tour of Dismaland at the weekend. This is what it looked like…


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Bonzia – Graffiti Kings

Check out this graffiti classic by Graffiti Kings artist Bonzia.

For those who don’t know, Darren Cullen, the founder of Graffiti Kings, was found in a bit of an odd situation recently – the only graffiti artist approved by the British Government & official graffiti artist for London 2012 he was actually arrested in a raid on graffiti artists’ homes. He was then told he could not go within a certain radius of the Olympics, despite the fact he has been a law abiding artist for years and had been specifically appointed the above role. It was all very hypocritical and ridiculous at the time so we just wanted to voice our support for The Graffiti Kings and all the work they do in promoting graffiti and helping to rid the stereotypes of vandalism.

More info on the Olympic arrest of graffiti artists HERE.