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Jonathan Darby on Congo at White Walls

The show – which closes on 8th December – features paintings, film, photography as well as a floor to ceiling installation of a street scene and refugee camp. The show is a response to the artist’s time spent working with Aprart (of which he is the creative director) in Goma, Democratic republic of Congo, a city of 1 millon people. He worked with street children, orphans and former child soldiers painting large murals and running painting workshops. Goma is the setting and context of this show and the kids in this show are from and live in Goma. Last week, while the show was on display at the gallery in San Francisco, the city of Goma was over thrown by the rebel group m23. It was never thought that the rebel forces would be able to take the eastern capital. Considering the current political situation in the DRC and furthermore the involvement of neighboring countries, the exhibition is bringing attention to particularly poignant issues. Please check it while you can.

More info: White Walls and Jonathan Darby.

Jonathan Darby 'FAVELA' at Signal Gallery

Jonathan Darby’s latest exhibition at Signal Gallery talks about socio-political subject matter of Brasil big cities’ slums but does it with a true sense of beauty. The favelas have been abandoned by national and local government and have been taken over by drug dealers and their gangs. A culture of lawlessness and violence exists unchecked, creating a level of poverty that gives Brazil the dubious accolade of nurturing the biggest gap between rich and poor in the world.

Some of the most vulnerable victims of this sorry state of affairs are the countless number of street children orphaned or abandoned by their parents. Jonathan’s show focuses on them and their plight. The show is supported by the charity CARF (Children At Risk Foundation).

The show closes 2nd April.

Jonathan has also been confirm for a show with Adam Caldwell this coming June in White Walls Gallery.

Please watch this beautiful teaser and come down to see the works: