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Copyright Solo Show

Following an appearance on Season 8 of ‘The Apprentice’, artist Copyright has spent the better part of 2013 fulfilling a backlog of commissions.

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This show at London Westbank Gallery marks his first new body of work since his 2011 solo at Pure Evil Gallery. If you could look back on the ideas, themes and styles which moulded your artistic identity, how (knowing all you know now) would you approach them differently? For Copyright, 10 years isn’t quite enough for a retrospective; but it does provide an opportunity to revisit and re-imagine styles and influences so prevalent in his earlier works.

Through an exhibition of 40 pieces of “old-new” and “new-new’ work, Copyright will explore the idea of moving forward by looking back, “it’s like learning from your own history…”. The collection will also allow a rare glimpse behind the curtain, displaying framed stencils and surprise installations…

Stained glass by Copyright

Private View will be 6-10pm on Thursday 26th September
Private View is strictly by invitation only.
RSVP is ESSENTIAL Please send names to guestlist@londonwestbank.com.
Show open to public thereafter until Thursday 3rd October 2013
(Gallery open daily 11am-7pm).

He Who Dares…

This is an interesting moment for street art in a global context. Undeniably, whether you like the term ‘street art’ or not, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, going from the gutters of suburbia to the walls of millionaires overnight.

As with all underground trends, graffiti got scooped up, rebranded and repackaged to sell to a bigger audience as something a lot tamer. Marketing companies all over the world fought for scraps of authentic cool to help sell their products, some artists gladly gave over their creative talents for the big bucks of the advertisers. And why wouldn’t you?

Now it seems the coin is set to flip again as Australian artist, RJ Williams, sticks it to Madonna for ripping off his artistic copyright. In April this year, Madonna released a new fragrance, ‘Truth or Dare by Madonna’. A great coup for the international pop artist as she brands an entire collection including footwear, handbags and accessories.

More jump off after the jump off

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