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Lukasz Berger Creates „Cisza” (Silence) Installation in Lodz


Lodz Murals just added another impressive piece to their large collection of public works and murals. Polish artist Lukasz Berger aka CekasOne, recently finished his permanent installation titled „Cisza” (Silence) as a part of his ongoing series of works that combines graffiti, murals, sculpture and  installation.

After tracking down the right wall that faces south, gets direct sunlight, has no shades on it and is totally flat with no windows, the project’s curator, Michal Biezynski, had to get permits to drill 500kg of stainless steel bars into the facade. But even the preparations were difficult and close to impossible, once the artist installed all 1,300 bards ranging form 3cm to 60cm, the final result was definitely worth it. Working great with the sunlight as well as in the moonlight, the installation plays with the light and changes with the time of the day or year. Symbolically, the piece indicate a new direction that Lodz Murals might be moving on forward – modern sculptures and installations. (Photo credit by Maciej Stempij)


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Chazme x Cekas x Proembrion x Tone x Sepe 10 Storey Double Mural in Lodz, Poland


Only couple of days before opening of a big group show of the best new contemporary urban talent Poland has to offer @ The Outsiders in Newcastle, some of these artists joined forces and completed this gigantic double piece in city of Lodz, Poland. Painting two facades of opposing 10 storey buildings, Chazme, Cekas, Proembrion, Tone and Sepe painted whats surely to become a landmark mural.


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