Ludovic Vernhet – Ludo Opens “Duality” @ Castor Gallery


On November 30th Castor gallery will be opening a solo show “Duality” by Ludovic Vernhet aka Ludo. Featuring works of varying sizes and mediums, the show will include some brand new canvases as well as smaller sculptural works and a site specific installation recreating a dinner setting inspired by Paris in the early 19th century.
This is artist’s first solo show since his London exhibition last year, and the first one with the young Lower East Side gallery. Built around the idea of duality and opposites, as a main theme of his work in general, the new pieces are introducing some new imagery as well as revisiting some older, most recognizable concepts. Known for his signature black and white imagery of biomorphic hybrids with bright green accents, the works are commenting on the ways mankind¬†intervene and affect nature. By showing mechanical, often weapon related parts as essential elements of plants or fruits and vegetables, his works comment on our uncertain future. Just like the¬†public works he created everywhere from London, Paris, NY, Tokyo, China to Caribbean, his global critique of current state of mankind often evoke socio-political conversations which is the main goal of his work.

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