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Li Hongbo – Out of Paper

Not our usual bag, but this shit is insane. Chinese artist, Li Hongbo, creates classical busts and other objects out of paper, carefully glued together then sculpted to achieve the effect of realistic statues, statues that can flex and warp when moved. Literally off it’s head.

He has exhibited at Sydney’s Biennale and Klein Sun and Dominik Mersch galleries in New York, as well as numerous other spaces worldwide.



Numskull – Bust

‘Bust!’ exhibition – Perfekt Box, Museums Quartier Vienna – Opening: Samstag 22.3.2014, 19:00 – 22:00 PERFEKT BOX, MQ, Electric Avenue, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, Austria


PERFEKT WORLD is proud to invite the Sydney based artist NUMSKULL to work and live in Vienna for a month. He will participate at the Artist-in-Residence program of quartier21 in March and rounds his stay off with an exhibition at art space PERFEKT BOX.

BUST! explores the artists ‘fascination of the human obsession with beauty and the everyday struggle to keep up appearance. He finds the oddity in human relationships and interaction. From the simplest of personality quirks to the boldest of personality statements. Numskull uses bold, colourful and abstract like forms to create statuesque like figures that project a composite idea of us as people and how we might see each other.