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Antony Lister – Interview & Competition

We caught up with Aussie artist, Antony Lister, prior to the launch of his new book for a chat about how fucked the world is right now. To celebrate, we’re offering a signed copy to the person who posts the best anti-war image on Instagram, with the tags #verynearlyalmost and #nowarlister. We’ll decide the winner on the 15th November.


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VNA Presents Anthony Lister in his Brisbane Studio

By now some of you will have had the chance to read the eye-opening feature on Anthony Lister in VNA issue 19; well here is another insight into the world of this talented gent; filmed in his Brisbane studio by Mitchell McLennan during our interview with him. You can also watch him create the artwork for our special edition screen printed copies of the mag!

VNA presents Anthony Lister for VNA issue 19 from Rhys Atkinson on Vimeo.

Filmed by Mitchell McLennan & edited by Rhys Atkinson.

You can pick up a copy of VNA issue 19 here to check out the interview with Lister and a whole host of other ruddy awesome artists.


Ahead of her new show in Brisbane, VNA caught up with straight-up from-the-streets artist, Vexta. One of the highest-profile artists in Australia, she has a unique, self-taught style and a DIY attitude. We like her lots.

Vexta, tell us about your new show, what’s it all about?

My next exhibition is called In-Between Worlds, it opens on Thursday April 19th up at Edwina Corlette Gallery in Brisbane, Australia. It’s a collection of new work examining our relationship to ourselves, ideas about evolution, the mysterious interconnectedness of all living things and the atomic particles that hold it all together. It originally spawned from thinking about the way everything, ourselves included, is constructed from tiny particles, the way those atomic particles are clustered and thinking what would happen if they shattered. It’s about what they would look like if we could see them and how if they did shatter, it would be a new world. So, this show is about that possibility. I’ve painted the particles as these geometric neon shards and in the show they are fusing and pulling things apart. The show itself includes paintings, installation, a light sculpture and a sound piece.

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