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Vhils /// Providência /// Brazil


Eye-opening short little video about the favelas in Brazil which are being torn down to make way for a new cable car to service the World Cup.

Some of these buildings have the work of VNA issue 22 cover artist Vhils chiseled onto them and in this video we hear from some of the people who live in these homes and have had their face immortalised on the side of them by him – well until they get torn down that is.

Photo of the Day: Kobra


Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra has just finished his tribute to the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who passed away last December at the age of 104. The new mural is 52 meters tall, 16 meters wide and it covers the entire side of a skyscraper on Paulista Avenue, one of Sao Paulo’s busiest streets.


Source: Street Art News



We all know that Brazil and South America are smashing it big time in the art game at the moment and it’s always nice to check out some work by artists you may not have heard of before. B-47 is formed by artists FRG and DME from Santo Andre who have been working together since the 90′s and get up to some really nice stuff.

Recommended Shows & Exhibitions


This week we are spoilt for choice with exhibitions, a delicious melting pot of styles, cultures and approaches! Here are our top picks for the week..

Cranio – Lost in London

Anyone who has walked the streets of London in the last few weeks will have been pleasantly surprised to see an army of blue Amazonian characters taking over our walls. Cranio is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and has come over to London to see how his indigenous men will be perceived by us, as he paints light hearted pieces with deeper underlying questions oabout consumerism, identity, corruption and the environment. He explains: “I want to show things that are happening with the indigenous people living in Brazil. Some of them are trying to adapt; others have adapted really well to capitalism; others are trying to sell the Brazilian rainforest to grab some money and a cool iPhone.”

The exhibition itself opens at Red Bull Studios, Tooley St tomorrow night, 15th and runs until Monday 19th.

Louis Masai – AfroFabRicatiOn

We’ve been a fan of Louis’ beautiful large-scale personified animals for a while now and can’t wait to see what his solo show has in store. Louis has an incredible love and respect for nature and his place in the world and that passion shines through in his work. His work currently focuses on African fabric patterns and animals, this concept has crept seamlessly into this exciting new collection in the form of the Pencil Case Thieves.

Expect taxidermy and reclaimed materials galore among other things. This promises to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It opens tomorrow night, 15th at Nancy Victor Gallery, Charlotte Place, W1T 1SG and runs until 7th December. RSVP ruthpenfold@me.com to attend the opening night.

Check out this video of Louis talking about his work, shot by Tee Byford.

AfroFabRicatiOn Louis Masai @ Nancy Victor Gallery from TEARLACH on Vimeo.

More recommended exhibitions below..
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Urso Morto – São Paulo


Duco Coops shot this super nice video of Brazilian artist Urso Morto (Dead Bear) while in São Paulo recently.
The film follows the artist on a project where he hands out t-shirts to homeless people and paints the odd wall along the way.

Check it…

Well, they've got a pretty good point!


Pixacao bombers in Sao Paulo take out a big mural featuring Os Gemeos, Nunca and others…

And with good reason too… Turns out this mural was commisioned by the goverment using R$200,000 of public funds. The mural reads “R$ 200,000 in makeup, and the city is in calamity.” Dont get me wrong I love a bit of Os Gemeos and this is not about them or the others commisioned to do this mural but they have a point. Im sure the goverment could have spent that money a bit more wisely on some of the poorer parts of the city (Especially with all the recent flooding in poor areas). What a mess. This is the full bombed mural…

Turns out it was all cleaned off that same night by city cleaners no doubt at much cost.

Via Arrested Motion.

Photos and the full story from Choque Photos.