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Ron English – Sketchbox – Mini Interview

Ron English is one of the most technically adept and prolific artists alive. Taking out billboards all over the globe with his own hard-hitting political messages, he has risen to the top in popular art culture. English’s own brand of ‘Popaganda’ takes many images and ideas from modern culture and injects them with his own dry, cutting humour. Most notably, he designed the character for American junk-food exposé, Super Size Me, and produced a mash-up portrait of Presidents Obama and Lincoln for the 2008 electoral campaign.


VNA is hosting a Q&A session with Ron this evening at Boxpark, from 6-7pm, if you have anything you want us to ask, tweet it to @boxpark and @vnamagazine. In the meantime, we asked the big man a few questions of our own below:

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Stack in the Box

As an independent magazine, we are huge fans of other independent magazines, but bigger fans than us are the guys over at Stack. They bring together the best of the best (if we do say so ourselves) magazines and send subscribers one a month; it’s pretty exciting stuff getting something different every time and discovering publications you might not have otherwise read!

Anyway, these guys are holding a three day event at Boxpark Shoreditch this weekend all about magazines. Friday will kick off with a cover competition, so please remember to vote for the VNA cover via Twitter, Facebook or at Boxpark – don’t worry we’ll remind you. Then Saturday they will be celebrating music related publications and finally on Sunday you will be able to pop in and buy a whole range of independent magazines, including VNA.

Definitely head down and grab a free beer, but don’t spill it on the magazines.