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GCASFM – Book Fundraiser

GIVE CROHN’S A SLAP FROM ME (GCASFM) is a collaborative project founded by Matt
Strutt aka Cheffo31, to raise awareness of Crohn’s disease, with the help of some of the world’s most prolific graffiti artists, street artists and illustrators. Armed with a stack of 2000 USPS labels for artists to draw on, our aim is to turn these artistic interpretations of the title Give Crohn’s A Slap From Me, into a limited edition book
which will raise money for Crohn’s & Colitis UK. With new team members on board, designers Moose & Yeti, Andre Leitão and Joana Morgado, ex-VNA writer Ro Elfberg and media whizz Jack Shearring, the project is stronger than ever. Over 70 artists are now involved, we have a successful live art event under our belt and growing coverage of the project, we’re already slapping Crohn’s left, right and centre.. and we’ve only just begun.


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Laser 3.14 – Interview

Our man in Amsterdam, Hyland Mather of Andenken Gallery, recently caught up with Laser 3.14 for an interview. Remaining anonymous, Laser 3.14 is the pseudonym of a poetic painter, also from Amsterdam. Writing his short socio-critical messages on fences and construction site hoardings all over the world, his pen-name is a reference to his love for Sci-fi. The 3.14 in his name stands for the numerical denomination for Pi, the letters of which also represent an abbreviation for Public Image. As well as working on the streets, he is an exhibiting artist and cartoonist, with a book, ‘Are You Reading Me’, published in 2009.

Here’s Laser’s take on the world…


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VNA Christmas Gift Guide Part 4

Part 4 of our amazing Christmas gift guides is here like a much skinnier, better version of Santa. Loads of great bits to buy for your loved ones, or get them something rubbish and treat yourself…

We won’t tell, but in your heart you’ll know you deserved it more than they did.

IMG_1881 copy

1 – Stance – Blue Dasher Sock – stance.com
2 – Quiksilver – Blue Striped Beanie – quiksilver.co.uk
3 – Uri Minkoff – Leather Jerry Pouch – uriminkoff.com
4 – Brooks England – Femto Bike Lights – brooksengland.com
5 – Brooks England – MT10 Bike Multi Tool – brooksengland.com
6 – Brooks England – Femto Bike Lights – brooksengland.com
7 – Ella & Pitr – Baiser D’Encre Book – superbalais.bigcartel.com
8 – Happy Plugs – In-ear Camo Headphones – happyplugs.com
9 – DC x Kevin Lyons – Kids Snowboard Gloves – dcshoes.com
10 – VNA x CYRCLE – VNA 32 Ltd Edition – verynearlyalmost.com

Also, keep an eye out for our latest Limited Edition, featuring Audrey Kawasaki, dropping soon…

Mr Bingo’s retrospective Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection



Mr Bingo entered the final week of his fundraising campaign for Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection. The book is planned to be the ultimate retrospective of Mr Bingo’s popular Hate Mail project that started back in 2011.

Since the beginning of the project Mr Bingo has sent 928 vintage postcards skillfully emblazoned with offensive messages to (mostly) willing recipients. The book will be showcasing 156 artist’s favorite postcards created over the years on some 300 litho print pages. The book will be printed and bound to the highest standards by a renowned art book printer in Italy. Clothbound, foil stamped and comprised of the finest German book paper, the production and design of the book will be handled by Darren Wall, a London-based art director and publisher with over a decade of experience in design for print.

Although the artist already reached the first and second campaign goal, it’s still possible to support this project and win one of the rewards that range from copies of the book itself, receiving a personal hate mail on the internet, in a book or on a postcard, to getting drunk on a train with the artist himself.


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Ed Templeton Released a Special Edition of “Wayward Cognitions” Book


American skateboarding legend, photographer and artist, Ed Templeton, recently released “Wayward Cognitions”. While his previous publications were usually focused on a certain subject (Teenage Smokers, Teenage Kissers, Deformer, etc), the photographs in this book are randomly chosen from his archives spanning 20 years, hence the title. After regular edition that was released on November 30th 2014, and is widely available, Templeton recently released a special edition that is available directly through the publisher – UmYeahArts.com.

The special edition is limited to only 50 pieces and each of them is coming with a hard cover slip case and specially printed cover, extra printed edition page that is hand numbered by Ed Templeton, unique drawing, second edition page with image that is only in the 50 special edition books, and finally, a 8 x 10 custom signed, numbered and stamped fiber based photo print. As a fan and supporter of DIY culture, the artist created the layout and design, printed all the photographs in his darkroom, building the book himself from scratch in his home studio.


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Escif – Elsewhere – Book Kickstarter

Escif has been working on a new book for the last two years, which he wants to publish himself. He has released a crowd funding campaign to raise the money to produce it.


So far, the first part of Escif’s crowd funding campaign has been a huge success and he has managed to raise enough money to produce the book and send it to those who supported it. The campaign will continue for a little longer and now the aim is to raise €21,000 to be able to:

– Build an online platform to sell and distribute the publication

– Ameliorate the final art of the book (in Rastamouse terms, ‘mek a bad ting good’)

– Buy whiskey and cigarettes (the key part to actually getting the book done)

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Hendrik ‘ECB’ Beikirch “Blurring Boundaries” Book

German artist Hendrik ‘ECB’ Beikirch just released his first book “Blurring Boundaries – Extending Graffiti Limits”. On 208 pages, this comprehensive overview of his work, is introducing the artist himself and his versatile works of art. From earlier surrealist, graffiti influenced characters, to his gigantic portraits nowadays, the book includes every important piece he ever created. Portraying mostly anonymous people he meets on his travels, this hardcover publication is paying tribute both to his art and all the people he immortalized with his large murals.

Along with widely available regular edition, the limited edition of 222 signed/stamped copies in a custom slipcase is available through Ruttkowski;68 gallery from Cologne, Germany.


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Antony Lister – Interview & Competition

We caught up with Aussie artist, Antony Lister, prior to the launch of his new book for a chat about how fucked the world is right now. To celebrate, we’re offering a signed copy to the person who posts the best anti-war image on Instagram, with the tags #verynearlyalmost and #nowarlister. We’ll decide the winner on the 15th November.


More jump off after the jump off…
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"Walls and frames" Book release, this Thursday….

Oh snap! Our man Maximiliano Ruiz has put together another fine book and this one has a very interesting couple of launch parties to kick it off in style…

Not only will the book be released at both these events, there is some very unique book sleeves from some of the biggest street artists in the world. Infoooooo….

To celebrate the release of Walls and Frames, the artists featured in the book have created original handmade book sleeves for the publication, which will be available for sale both at the London and Berlin events for 430£ and 500€ respectively (Book copies included). Me and some of the artists will be present during these launch parties to happily sign regular copies of Walls and Frames sold  at a lower price specially for the occasion. It’ll be a great chance to see gallery works of international street artists and also getting an unique Christmass present!

This one by Kevin Cyr is my favourite…



So drop by this event at POW in London and then swing by the VNA 17 Launch party at Protein. Thursday’s don’t get much bigger.

"Out of Sight – Urban Art/Abandoned Spaces" a book by RomanyWG…

Long time supporter of VNA and part of the original group of photographers who have been contributing amazing images to VNA for years… Mr RomanyWG has got a new book out.

He very kindly sent us a copy of Out of Sight – Urban Art/Abandoned Spaces and its pretty damn dope. This is no ordinary graffiti/street art book. This book is a documentary on the writers and street artists painting in abandoned spaces all over the world. As usual, RomanyWG’s photography stands out and with artists such as BC crew, Roa, Phlem and Aryz its an epic array of work that is hidden away in old factories and mental hospitals.

Graffiti, as a crime to outsiders has never made sense… Painting a wall for fun? Risking lengthy jail terms and risking your life for a photograph of a painted train? Committing serious crime and making no money out of it??? All writers have there own reason to paint, but the underlying reason is to get their name up and to be recognised. Painting in abandoned spaces is the opposite of that. “Not all art craves attention”  as the intro says and this is a great book to showcase some of that work that many people will never see in the flesh.

The book is out now over at Carpetbombingculture

Be sure to also check out RomanyWG’s Flickr page for more impressive photography.