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Blek Le Rat – ‘After the Apocalypse’ Print Release


Our good friend Blek Le Rat has just released a brand new website, and to coincide with the launch of this has also released the next print in his rat series – ‘After the Apocalypse’.

Blek’s first stencils were black rats, seen to be running along the walls throughout the centre of Paris. The rat, also an anagram for ‘art’, is in Blek’s mind “the only animal to survive the apocalypse“.

‘After the Apocalypse’ is a two-color screen print on 300gsm Arches paper; 23 x 31cm; signed, numbered and limited edition of 300. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

‘After the Apocalypse’ is available here, but as you can imagine be very quick!! The last two rat series have sold out very quickly and are now highly sort after by collectors.


‘The Presidency of Obama’ – A Group Show


“In a bizare twist of fate a wonderful human being found himself in the Oval Office in the postion of President of the United States of America. This rarely, if ever happens so to memorialize these 8 years of unprecidented thoughtfulness we’ve invited our favorite artists from across the pond to share art work inspired by the two terms of Barack Obama, our President” – The Marcy Project

Street artists defining the genre around the world have contributed original canvases, works on paper, and limited edition prints for this debut exhibition at Brooklyn’s ‘The Marcy Project’.

Featuring works by Blek le Rat, Chad Hasegawa, Nick Walker, Pure Evil, The London Police and Vinz Feel Free as curated by DK Johnston for The Marcy Project.

Opens Saturday 12 November at The MARCY Project, 275 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Blek Le Rat – ‘The Street Artist’s Paraphernalia’


The godfather of stencil art is back, and this time with a vengeance. After recently selling out his first small print, ‘The Crooner’, Blek Le Rat is back with ‘The Street Artist’s Paraphernalia’. Screen-printed on beautiful 300g Arches paper, signed and numbered, and released with a Certificate of Authenticity, ‘The Street Artist’s Paraphernalia’ is 9x12inches and is €220 plus shipping.

photo: Alex Prou @greenalexandre

Blek is also excited to announce that this new print is the second in a rat series.

For more information, email blekleratprint@gmail.com. You would be best to hurry, as these are selling quickly, and as the old adage goes, ‘you snooze, you lose.’


Blek Le Rat – Paris Urban Art Fair


Continuing to populate the series of prints he recently launched, the godfather of stencil art, Blek Le Rat is at it again. ‘Rope Pulling’ is a numbered 
3 colour screen print on 250gsm Vélin d’Arches paper. The print is 56 x 76cm and limited to a run of only 60.


If you’re after something a bit smaller, ‘The Crooner’ is a 2 colour print, edition of 150 on 22 x 30cm 300gsm Arches Paper. (EDIT: THE CROONER HAS NOW SOLD OUT)

For further information email
blekleratprint@gmail.com or head down to the inaugural Paris Urban Art Fair from 22-24 April 2016.


Blek Le Rat – Print Releases


After a long hiatus, Issue 29 featured artist, Blek Le Rat, has recently returned to his print studio in Paris to produce and release two limited edition screen prints. Completed in house, both Spraycan and Mask are printed on 56x76cm 250gsm Arches paper, in a limited run of only 50 prints. Retail price €600 excl. tax + shipping. Released late next week, further information can be obtained at blekleratprint@gmail.com



UNEXPECTED – Arkansas Murals

This was totally UNEXPECTED – huge mural event in Fort Smith, Arkansas, curated by JUSTKIDS, with murals from Vhils, D*Face, Maser, Ana Maria, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Roa and Askew.


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‘Your Kid Can’t Do This’ – aMBUSH Gallery


Returning for the first time since 2010, international stencil art exhibition ‘Your Kid Can’t Do This’ launches at aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park, Sydney on Friday 26 June from 6-9pm. The group exhibition is curated by Luke Cornish, aka E.L.K, who became the first street-based artist to be selected for inclusion in the prestigious Archibald Prize in 2012, and currently holds the record for creating the highest selling piece of street art in Australia.

YKCDT is the ultimate showcase of contemporary talent within the field of stencil artistry, featuring over 50 artists from 16 countries, including the Godfather of modern stencil art Blek Le Rat (France), Australian stencil art royalty Haha and Vexta, and Hugo Kaagman (Amsterdam), who is heralded as the ‘original pioneer of stencil art’. YKCDT also platforms the work of every winner of the Australian Stencil Art Prize from 2009-2014, leading stencillers from across Europe and America, and an assortment of emerging artists whose quieter reputations belie their exceptional talent.

E.L.K says, “Modern stencil art exploded on to the scene in Australia in the early 2000s, around the time of the American invasion of Iraq. Hundreds of artists with a message hit the streets and lane ways, using the quickest means of delivering that message: stencil. In the decade that has followed, the boom of street stencils scene has slowed down, but the evolution of the medium continues to progress to a near hyper-realistic aesthetic. The 2015 installment of YKCDT is set to be Australia’s most outstanding display of stencil art yet.”

VNA Limited Edition – London Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our Cleon Peterson Limited Edition box set, printed in the UK by White Duck Screen Print, with support from Sixpoint Brewery, at Number Six, London. To attend, please email: rsvp@verynearlyalmost.com


The first 25 people to arrive will get a free copy of the regular edition of the latest magazine, featuring interviews with Ricky Powell, Ron English, Blek Le Rat, Persue, James Bullough, Travis Price, Jessica Albarn, 1xRUN / Inner State Gallery, Tony Arcabascio and Mattis Dovier.


With photography in SanJuan by Charlotte Dutoit of Justkids, Birdman, Nicole Reed, Tim Hans and more, it’s packed full of the worlds finest art culture.


To purchase copies of the magazine, visit our online store:



VNA 29 – Out Now!

VNA 29 – Same, same, but different…


Buy your copy here: www.verynearlyalmost.com/shop/vna-issue-29

As the art world continues to grow and develop, we’re trying to age gracefully too, with a move towards the broader culture that surrounds street art and graffiti.

This issue we go all out with a cover featuring the work of LA-based Cleon Peterson, whose violently bacchanalian work echoes the brutality he sees in society at large.

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