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Cruel Summer @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery


On Saturday, 23rd of August, Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC will be closing their group show Cruel Summer that opened 2 weeks ago. Curated by collector, graffiti historian and urban anthropologist Roger Gastman, the show is presenting works by a very diverse artists from around the world. Even all of them coming from the graffiti/urban art background, their fine art works are significantly different in every aspect. From mediums used, to formats, themes and overall feel and looks. From abstract and conceptual, to flat and pop art ones, to comic or tattoo like ones, this exhibition shows the various way that graffiti or urban art can evolve into when entering contemporary art sphere.

The show features over 20 artists from USA, Brazil, Australia, France, Denmark, etc, including Rime (header image), Cope2, Horfe, HuskMitNavn, DabsMyla, Pose, Maya Hayuk, Blade, Revok, Caleb Neelon, Cleon Peterson, Rime, Finok, Shepard Fairey and more. With some of them being basically institutions in the urban art world, and others being hot new names, this variegated show is a must see.


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New York Kings at Pure Evil Gallery

From November 1st-18th Pure Evil Gallery will play host to an exhibition of legendary proportions. This is a must see show for any artist, or for anyone who ever read Subway Art or ever tried to tag their name in a skate park at age 11.

The dons of graff Cope 2, Blade, Stay High 149, Fuzz One, Bom5, Rd 357, Jez, Sen2, Indie 184 and Poem have joined forces to create something truly unique using New York subway maps as a canvas to tell their 30 year story. This is an opportunity that doesn’t come every day to us Londoners, a chance to see their work in front of our eyes rather than through the screen of our Apple Macs or fleetingly out of a window as we ride the trains through Detroit and NYC on holiday. To hell with the free drinks, take the time to absorb this one!

Pure Evil Gallery – 108 Leonard St.