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The Art Union is proud to present the second edition of WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY – a group exhibition featuring artworks by 80 Berlin based artists at Alte Münze in Berlin-Mitte. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, April 22nd from 19:00 – 23:00 h. After the successful premiere in 2016, the exhibition format will be shown from April 22nd – May 1st, 2017.

Andrea Wan
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DUBL TRUBL: Ich bin in Berlin

The DUBL TRUBL Collective are excited and proud to announce their first exhibition, taking place at Urban Spree in Berlin. Entitled DUBL TRUBL: Ich bin in Berlin, the collective have paired together artists from all over the globe, resulting in an incomparable assemblage of collaborative works. Styles will get clashed and egos smashed as these distinguished art deadbeats inspire and repel each other in equal measure.

Curated by Dscreet and featuring art, film, installation, music and more from: Aeon, Alex CF, Alex Fakso, Andrew Gillman, Anthony Lister, Base 23, Billy, Birdseed, BO 130, Break, BRK 192, Chips, Chips For The Poor, Christiaan Nagel, Chris Stead, CIRO, Cityzen Kane, Civil Civic, Cone, Conor Harrington, Crack, Creeps, Crilly Smalls, Cyclops, Dabs and Myla, Dan Speight, Darren John, Dave the Chimp, Deus, Dmote, Drax, Dscreet, Ebot, EMA, Eoin, François Jenssard, Fred Fowler, Gemma White, Ghostpatrol, Girl In The Cartoon, Kasio, Kid Acne, Kid Crowe, Kirpy, Ludvig, Lush, Malarky, Mark McClure, Matt Sewell, Merda, Microbo, Miss Van, Nychos, Olivia Skalkos, Onio, Party, Paul Insect, Phlegm, PMH, Pure Evil, Rainman, Rask, Reka, Revenge Is Sweet, Richt, Rone, Rowdy, Run, Rylsee, Sickboy, Sinic, Skewville, Skip WD, Space, Sumo, Thierry Noir, Timba Smits, Tizer, Trico, TwoOne, Vents 137, Vinnie Nylon, Xeme, Word To Mother, Ziggy Grudzinskas, 44 Flavours, 45RPM and 616.

Opens September 18th, 6:30pm
Urban Spree
Revaler Str. 99
RAW Gelände
10245 Berlin.

twitter: @dubltrublluv
web: www.dubltrubllove.tumblr.com / www.urbanspree.com

Billy – Still Life

Following the colour chaos of ‘Gossip Calypso’ as part of this years Pictoplasma Character Walk, Billy steps out of the whirl and continues with the second phase of her residency at the HUBstore Berlin with her new exhibition ‘Still Life’.

With a hint of sarcasm, Billy presents her own light-hearted still life installation capturing a positive moment in time. It is a visual exploration on growth and trends depicting how life is anything but still. That is until some objects are placed on a table, arranged in a fun and interesting way and multiple drawings and paintings are made of them and eventually stuck on the wall for people to look at and enjoy.

Join Billy for her third solo show in the year 2013 as she recognises that there is always too much to do and real life never ever stays still.

Opens Friday 3rd of May and runs until 25th May
Opening night: 18:00 to 22:00
HUBstore Berlin


Emperor Yes & Friends

This Thursday, band Emperor Yes will be hosting the opening night of a three week long event up at Top Office Machines on Bethnal Green Road. There will be work on display from 18 artists including LowBros, Malarky, Billy, Mr Penfold, Milo Tchais and Paul Shinn. Each of the artists have created a piece based on the two songs coming out with the Emperor Yes single. Over three weeks you will also be able to catch some stand up comedy, a photography developing workshop, a magician, a 3D photo booth, a DJ set by GBENGA from Metronomy, and a ‘Sceptics in the Pub’ event called “Sharks don’t get cancer?” with guest speaker Ben Howard.

The opening night on 5th July will be supported by Hackney Brewery and Mr Penfold has designed a limited run of personalised EMPEROR YES AND FRIENDS labels which you can pick up.

Well worth heading down!