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Thierry Noir: A Retrospective


From 3rd April, Howard Griffin Gallery presents a retrospective of the life and work of infamous artist Thierry Noir. In 1984, Noir was the first artist to illegally paint mile upon mile of the Berlin Wall. Noir wanted to perform one real revolutionary act: to paint the Wall, to transform it, to make it ridiculous, and ultimately to help destroy it. Noir’s iconic, bright and seemingly innocent works painted on this deadly border symbolised a sole act of defiance and a lone voice of freedom. In this landmark exhibition at Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch, the artist’s first solo show, new original works will be exhibited alongside rarely seen photographs, interviews and films, juxtaposing old and new to reassess Noir’s enduring legacy and contribution to society.



Urban Nation – Project M/3


Urban Nation – PROJECT M/3 Berlin


Project M is a temporary art project with the objective to improve the neighborhood, to push creativity and to connect people. At regular intervals Urban Nation with director Yasha Young invites a group of internationally acclaimed contemporary urban artists to re-design the facade and shop windows of a prominent residential building in Berlin, while it is being reconstructed.

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Oops, not gonna lie, we slept on this one…


JR’s latest show, ACTIONS runs from the 11th October – 14th November 2013 at Lazarides Gallery, 11 Rathbone Place, London.


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Video of the day: Wurtsbande x VNA


Issue 21 featured artists Wurstbande hail from Berlin and we got our friends over at Editude Pictures to catch up with the duo at Urban Art Spree, in line with their interview in the magazine.

Lynn and Dennis are both born in Berlin have raised quite some attention during the last five years with their amazing and steady output of work, they’ve travelled the world to spread their message across the globe. Their work has also been recognized already by big brands like Levi’s and Converse.

VNA x Wurstbande from editude pictures on Vimeo.



We caught up with VNA issue 20 featured artist DeeDeeKid in his bedroom to find out a little bit more about the young artist.

At only 22 Niklas Coskan aka DeeDeeKid is still at an early stage of his career. Born in Herne, which is located in Germany’s former coal mining area the Ruhrpot, it is no wonder that one of his main topics is morbidity. His fresh, high quality output and the tremendous quantity at which he has delivered it in the last six years can only be explained by his young age – living his dream and having a lot of fun with it. A year ago DeeDeeKid moved to Berlin to study at the Berlin University of Arts and to work as a freelance illustrator and artist in this creative metropole.

You can read more from him in VNA issue 20.

Filmed by Editude Pictures.

VNA x DeeDeeKid from editude pictures on Vimeo.

Freedom Park Berlin


For the 50th anniversary of the beginning of building the berlin wall in 1961 the Dudes Factory and Lux Pop Art Group, presents the “FREEDOM PARK” a painting exhibition from a selection of the best contemporary artists made on the original cement segments of Berlin.
The exhibition will be running until the 09.11.2014, date of the 25th of the Berlin wall fall and will every year invite more selected artists to join.

Today the Wall is a symbol that “no challenge is too great for a world that stands together” (Obama, Berlin, 2008). The fall of the berlin wall brought new hope for a better future and provides evidence that the greatest danger is that new walls separate us from each other.

The “FREEDOM PARK” is a monument to the memory of the happiness that was brought through the fall of the berlin wall in November 1989, but should also represents a wake-up call about the problems of our times.

The exposed wall segments originate from the former innercity border between Brandenburger Tor and Potsdamer Platz. Every piece weighs about 2.800 kg (L-Element) and 3.800 kg (T-Element), is about 3,60 m high as well as 1,20 m wide. The segments are designed by artists on invitation and can be acquired by purchase.