LOOK (The Weird)- “It Was All Green Instead”

Next week sees a solo exhibition from LOOK, a member of The Weird Crew, in Mexico. It opens on Thursday 5th December at Bálsamo Galeria, Isabel la Caólica #30, 06000 Cuauthémoc, Mexico D.F.

In this exhibition, which is LOOK’s first big solo show in ages, he wants to show his view on the contemporary relation between nature on one side and the abyssal human civilisation on the other. The works discuss the evanescence of the human being and their very own way of coming to terms with their own mortality in concern to the bigger understanding of the universe and nature at all. Also the artist wants to give an insight to his feelings of security, environment and the spiritual gap of the so called first world and other existing parallel worlds. He will show a variety of drawings, etchings and paintings.