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Elian Chali Paints a New Mural in Barracas, Buenos Aires

Elian Chali BA ARG 01

“Cuerpo de Adaptación – Ensayo de Proceso Inverso” (Body Adjustment – Inverse Test Process) is the title of the new mural Elian Chali painted in Barracas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The project was done between Feb-March 2016 and was coordinated and curated by Pol Corona for Sullair Cultura.
The idea behind this striking work that combines artist’s minimalist, abstract shapes along with vintage colonial architecture, is to show the dynamic urban changes. This was highlighted by including the original aged texture of the building within the new, modern image painted over it. Chali sees the urban environment as ever changing and evolving, depending to situation or even climate. Just like its inhabitants, humans, the modification of our surrounding never ends, and the layers of paint, construction materials and scars of the past, are the proof of that.

Tag The Jewels

Tag the Jewels is a worldwide street art initiative for which over 30 artists across 6 continents were invited to remix the ‘Run The Jewels’ iconic album cover art – two opposing hands, one forming a gun, the other holding a chain.


The artists were given a very simple brief and the freedom to express their own unique interpretations of Nicholas Gazin’s original artwork.

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