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Hellion Gallery – 2nd Annual Ema Show


Loving the latest show coming up at Hellion, featuring AJ Fosik, Maryanna Hoggatt, Eric Wert, Nosego, Ben Venom, Casey Weldon, Souther Salazar, Olivia Knapp, Jon MacNair, Mary Iverson, Robert Bowen, Jesse Hazelip, Karilise Alexander, Andrew Schoultz, Josh Keyes, Stephanie Buer, KozynDan, Zach Johnsen, Ren Sakurai, Yoskay Yamamoto, Koralie, Jean Jullien, Amandine Urruty, Nicolas Barrome, Alexone, Koleo, JM Ouvry, Haroshi, Tamaki Mori, Nino, MHAK, Renan Santos, Heather Mclean, Kojiro Ankan Takukawa, Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak, Peca, Joram Roukes, Dilka Bear, SAL Jeff P and Yu Maeda.



“Paper Party 2” @ Richard & Le Feuvre Gallery


Richard & Le Feuvre is a new gallery opening in Geneve, Switzerland with a big group show titled Paper Party 2. Exhibiting around 50 original works on paper by 11 artists from all over the globe, the idea of this show is to present the diversity of urban and graffiti related art to the local art lovers.

With most of the featured artists having strong roots in graffiti movement, this exhibition shows the variety of styles and directions that it can lead to.  The strong lineup consisting of known names that never exhibited before, is the proven recipe for a successful exhibit.

From the abstract graffiti of Mist, the surrealistic comic like works of Alexöne Dizac, Jeff Soto‘s low brow inspired works, steampunk imagery of Pixel Pancho, Sowat‘s abstract calligraphy style, the pop explosions of Andrew McAttee, the wide range of styles and works guarantee an interesting install and show.

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Supakitch x Alëxone – Converse Wall Clash – Paris

For two weeks, French artists Alëxone and Supakitch took over a historical house on the ‘Canal de l’Ourcq’ in Paris.

Inspired by ideas submitted by fans on Twitter, the two friends painted the house inside and out to amazing effect: A unique piece of art open for all to discover until the end of August.





French skatedeck company Deck’On has released a brand new triptych series by fellow countryman and all round amazing artist ALEXONE. Following on from the likes of Mist and Tilt is no easy feat but Alex has produced a stunning piece of work that flows across the three decks. And props to Deck’On for what looks like top notch print work on the wood. If you like the look of them  they’ll set you back €390 for the set, which is pretty pricey. But when you balance that with the high quality of the decks and the fact they’re limited to just 30 sets signed by the artist the cost seems reasonable.

Head over to the Deck’On site here: Deck’On

Free Revok tee by ALEXÖNE

You all know the story by now: Revok jailed for 180 days and with a bail set at a ridiculous $320,000. And the art/graff community has reacted with numerous benefit ideas to help Revok pay legal bills etc. The latest installment comes courtesy of France’s ALEXÖNE and the team at Swiss clothing firm Some-tee.

This 3 colour screenprinted tee will set you back about £27 plus postage and can be purchased here: some-tee

Alëxone's "French Lowrider"

Something a little different – a new vinyl toy by French artist Alex Dizac, aka, Alëxone. Based on the painting above, which was tribute to his old Citroën BX, the French Lowrider vinyl is pretty damn faithful to Alex’s unusual style. Featuring the pengiun character at the wheel this slightly surreal piece also features 5 smaller pengiuns who apparently are the drivers of the vehicle.

Sculpted by Julien Moreau and produced by Artoyz Originals in Paris,  the figure is 9’’ wide and 6’’ tall. Scheduled to drop tomorrow to coincide with Alëxone’s new show, “Y a pas photo” at Galerie L.J. in Paris and is limited to just 150 pieces.