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Antony Lister – Interview & Competition

We caught up with Aussie artist, Antony Lister, prior to the launch of his new book for a chat about how fucked the world is right now. To celebrate, we’re offering a signed copy to the person who posts the best anti-war image on Instagram, with the tags #verynearlyalmost and #nowarlister. We’ll decide the winner on the 15th November.


More jump off after the jump off…
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JR in the news and advertising

So I guess you know by now that JR is the winner of 2011 TED prize. It’s a great recognition to his charitable work and another example of how there’s more and more focus on street art movement in the main stream. I was also very pleased to see his Nairobi train project photo featured in November edition of National Geographic. His work was of course covered in our magazine’s issue 10.

In other news insurance company Aviva blatantly ripped the aesthetic and execution method of JR’s work in their latest campaign called You Are The Big Picture. Ironically the ad below was printed in the same magazine only 4 pages down from JR’s. I wasn’t able to find out if this truly is an infringement but there is absolutely no official connection between the artist and the corporation. For more examples how advertising steals iseas go to CopyCunts.