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Advertising Shits In Your Head

Over the past few weeks and months, you may have noticed a new form of activism stealthily creeping in to subvert advertising with different messages and slogans. The disruptive medium, also known as ‘subvertising’, is often as humorous as it is unnerving.


Anti-advertising book ‘Advertising Shits In Your Head’ is a thoroughly researched and referenced publication and describes in the first part how outdoor advertising is hugely undemocratic as well as incredibly harmful to both the individual and society. In the second part the book looks at the various strategies of subvertising bodies Public Ad Campaign, Brandalism, Dr. D and Special Patrol Group, and explores the history of subvertising as a form of culture jamming that has its roots in the Situationist International.

“Once advertising has shit in your head, you’re going to need something to clean it up with; I couldn’t recommend this book more highly.” – Dr. D

Dog Section Press is currently crowdfunding for the printing costs of Advertising Shits In Your Head – you can get involved here:


We were lucky to get this ace interview from Dog Section Press Editor Vyvian Raoul about the ideas and manifestations of this new wave of artivism.

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Over The Desk – A VNA Book Review

Not something we usually do, and probably won’t get around to doing again for quite some time, but we thought we’d review some of the books that we’ve had spread over the desk acting as upmarket coasters for the past month.

It’s also probably the only time you’ll see publications about animal porn next to books that include the Vatican’s ltd edition record releases. Unless perhaps that sort of thing goes on at the Vatican when their librarian’s car isn’t being used to smuggle hundreds of kilos of illicit drugs. Who knows…

T-post 96 – Alife – T-post


Now-retired Alife head honcho, Tony Arcabascio has stepped down from the pioneering clothing brand to concentrate on publishing. His latest focus is Swedish-born heavy-hitting monthly t-shirt zine, T-Post; a wearable magazine, with each ‘issue’ focusing on a different story or brand.

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New Orleans: Before I Die project

With all the current troubles in the world it’s reassuring to see people still fighting the good fight in areas still recoving from natural disasters, in this case New Orleans. A local artist and urban planner, Candy Chang, decided that rather than look upon the same delapidated house in her neighbourhood, an installation piece offering ideas of hope and change could make a positive difference.

Here residents can fill in the blank and remember what is important to them in life. Candy says “It’s also about turning a neglected space into a constructive one where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us.”

To read more about this great project see Candy’s blog here: http://candychang.com/before-i-die-in-nola/

There are no winners in war

Personally I have a lot of time for art which asks questions and makes you viewer do some thinking. I think this piece by New York based Sebastian Errazuriz does exactly that. Comparing the death rate of the war in Iraq vs the number of military suicides, the piece certainly poses some difficult questions.

American Kills

Found via Designboom where you can find more info and photos showing the piece in better detail. Well worth a look.

JR in the news and advertising

So I guess you know by now that JR is the winner of 2011 TED prize. It’s a great recognition to his charitable work and another example of how there’s more and more focus on street art movement in the main stream. I was also very pleased to see his Nairobi train project photo featured in November edition of National Geographic. His work was of course covered in our magazine’s issue 10.

In other news insurance company Aviva blatantly ripped the aesthetic and execution method of JR’s work in their latest campaign called You Are The Big Picture. Ironically the ad below was printed in the same magazine only 4 pages down from JR’s. I wasn’t able to find out if this truly is an infringement but there is absolutely no official connection between the artist and the corporation. For more examples how advertising steals iseas go to CopyCunts.

Trespass – A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art

The book by Carlo McCormick and published by TASHEN is out in October and is highly recommended.
Here’s an excerpt from the introduction written by Banksy:

To some people breaking into property and painting might seem a little inconsiderate, but in reality the 30 square centimetres of your brain are trespassed upon every day by teams of marketing experts. Graffiti is a perfectly proportionate response to being sold unattainable goals by a society obsessed with status and infamy. Graffiti is the sight of an unregulated free market getting the kind of art it deserves.

Watch the first look at the publication:

Via Wooster Collective

Poster Boy appeal

This is an open letter we received from Poster Boy. Please help spread the news.

Hey ,

As you may know the Poster Boy book, The War of Art, came out this year. The release of this book has given a few of us the opportunity do something much more significant. At The War of Art book launch on Saturday, Aug. 28th, we will officially kick off a legal defense fund for artists.

Poster Boy

Poster Boy

Kids Are Rallying Against The Empire (K.A.R.A.T.E.) is a grass roots effort we hope to eventually turn into a non-profit organization. Sadly, when dealing with the legal system most artists don’t know, understand, or are intimidated into forgoing their rights. Artists are often poorly represented in court and do not have financial access to proper counsel. K.A.R.A.T.E. is committed to helping artists defend themselves in court for art-related crimes conceived in public space.

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