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Elian Chali Paints a New Mural in Barracas, Buenos Aires

Elian Chali BA ARG 01

“Cuerpo de Adaptación – Ensayo de Proceso Inverso” (Body Adjustment – Inverse Test Process) is the title of the new mural Elian Chali painted in Barracas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The project was done between Feb-March 2016 and was coordinated and curated by Pol Corona for Sullair Cultura.
The idea behind this striking work that combines artist’s minimalist, abstract shapes along with vintage colonial architecture, is to show the dynamic urban changes. This was highlighted by including the original aged texture of the building within the new, modern image painted over it. Chali sees the urban environment as ever changing and evolving, depending to situation or even climate. Just like its inhabitants, humans, the modification of our surrounding never ends, and the layers of paint, construction materials and scars of the past, are the proof of that.

Chazme x Cekas x Proembrion x Tone x Sepe 10 Storey Double Mural in Lodz, Poland


Only couple of days before opening of a big group show of the best new contemporary urban talent Poland has to offer @ The Outsiders in Newcastle, some of these artists joined forces and completed this gigantic double piece in city of Lodz, Poland. Painting two facades of opposing 10 storey buildings, Chazme, Cekas, Proembrion, Tone and Sepe painted whats surely to become a landmark mural.


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Augustine Kofie x Moneyless – ASSIOMA


With ASSIOMA Moneyless and Augustine Kofie meet at the Avantgarden Gallery to explore a new theory, finding together all the similarities and differences in their works, juxtaposing them. Moneyless takes care of building a solid foundation and Kofie begins a process of research combing Geometric and Hyperuranic Platonic perfection with the virus of reality. The work of Augustine Kofie therefore becomes one of the possible variables directly connected with Moneyless’ axiomatic purity.

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