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White Canvas Project – Above The Rail

Tonight is the opening of White Canvas Project’s latest offering ‘Above the Rail’, which in collaboration with Supremebeing, Beyond Retro and End of the Line sees an array of captivating pieces of art created by 16 handpicked artists.

Over the last week they have worked on canvases made from Beyond Retro clothing, stretched cut and sew denim, patchwork fabrics. The ‘Art Jam’ ran within a custom made studio at Beyond Retro- Dalston. The pieces, now complete, will be hung ‘Above the Rails’ for public view and purchase at their Cheshire Street store tonight (11th July) from 5-9pm.

Ahead of the opening we caught up with David from Supremebeing who founded the project to find out a little bit more about how it came about.

You started the WCP a few years ago and have since done shows in London and LA. For this latest event you are teaming up with Beyond Retro. How did the collaboration come about and what can we expect to see at the ABOVE THE RAIL show?

I meet up with Steven from Beyond Retro originally looking for a shop space in London. We ended up getting on very well and discussing our love for recycling. I showed him the last WCP films and he fell in love with the concept. Steve, his lovely wife and I then went for a meal on Brink Lane with Jim and Matilda from End of the Line and chewed the fat for while. We then came up with the idea of using old fabrics from Beyond Retro for the canvases.

I then approached my friends at Cambridge Wood Works who offered to make all the frames for us out of old
pallets. They did an amazing job. Then it was for myself to stretch and coat the frames with the old fabrics. Hopefully I did a good enough job. The artists seemed very happy and the results look dope.

You have the YOK (big fans over at VNA), Sheryo, Elfin and a handful of new artists involved with this project. The family of artists always seems be growing. Is there a single artist you are most excited to be working with/showing?

We are so happy with the crews we have had and as you said it just keeps growing. I too am excited to be working with Sheryo and The Yok. And when we heard Elfin was coming I was over the moon. And we have the amazing Jim Vision and DrZadok and my favourite of all Will Barras, the master in my eyes.

Who is on your artist wishlist for future events?

I have a love for Phil Frost and Jeff Soto and it would be amazing to have someone like JR involved but to be honest we just let it grow organically and always try and work with local artists the area where we hold the WCP. We just like to work with good vibe people.

What’s next after this show for the WCP?

China / South Africa / UK and who knows where this wave will take us. We love WCP and look forward to working with more amazing people.



Supremebeing presents Above The Rail

Supremebeing presents Above The Rail, as part of The White Canvas Project, in association with Beyond Retro and End of the Line.


The show features 16 artists working on canvases made from recycled clothing and wood. Artists include Will Barras, Mr Hicks, Guy Mckinley, Dotmasters, Mr Penfold, Sheryo, Yok, Jim Vision, Stendec, Dotmasters, Pinky, Hold Your Tongue, Grossmary, Neist, Mateus Bailon and Dr Zadok. The exhibition opens at Beyond Retro, Cheshire St, Shoreditch, 11th July – 5-9pm.

Cambridge Wood Works, Posca, System 3 and the original MTN are also supporting, so you know this is legit.