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Vexta – Trading Places


Vexta is one of the most interesting artists to come out of Australia. She was picked up by some guy called Banksy to feature in his ‘Cans’ Festival and subsequent film, Exit Through The Gift Shop. Recently, while every other wannabe was shamelessly networking at Miami Basel, Vexta was over on the other side of the world, working hard at India’s first Contemporary Art Biennale. Despite some near catastrophic events and a very temperamental internet connection, we managed to connect with her for a few words while she painted…

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Numskull – Survival Tactics

New paintings and sculptural work from Sydney-based artist Numskull at The Tate Gallery in Sydney, Australia, kicks off November 28 2012.

The show also features limited edition prints and Mishka T-shirt release.

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Release The Wolves / The Rawrulists

This weekend sees a huge double-ender from infamous artists, Gold Peg and Rowdy, link up East and West UK with innovative visual festivals.

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Nychos – London – 2012

Austrian graffiti writer Nychos passed through London last month and even with loads of rain, overzealous council workers buffing a piece on a private wall (within hours of it being finished) and several days dealing with a mysterious illness, he managed to paint some amazing murals. Our guys João Retorta and Luke Atkinson were there to capture him in action. Check the video below…

VNA X Nychos from João Retorta on Vimeo.

A big thanks to Montana Gold for the paint hookup, Dscreet for the wall and the rest of you who helped make it happen.

More from Nychos at rabbiteyemovement

Sidewayz 2012

Watch, learn, share:

Keep em peeled for more info and some exclusive interviews with some of the artists.