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The WEIRD CREW Paint a Block Long Mural in Brooklyn, NYC!

A few finished shots and in progress photos from the Weird Crew who visited Bushwick, Brooklyn (NYC) very recently.  The Crew (five of them visiting included Dxtr, Cone, HRVB, Vidam and Look), from Germany painted a mega, block long, tribute to New York that took over five days to complete in scorching heat and humidity.  It was worth all of their efforts as this special piece is attracting visitors from all over the area with rave reviews.   The undertaking was organized by Italian art curator Zoe at Exit Room NY, located at 240 Meserole St. around the block, where they also held a stellar show of canvas paintings and drawings during their visit.  Below you’ll see the finished in a few detailed shots followed by a few in progress shots.  Enjoy the WEIRD NYC!

Photos and text by Leanna Valente @leannav

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Thinkspace x Stolenspace LAX/LHR Groupshow


From LA to London, StolenSpace Gallery & ThinkSpace LA are joining forces to co- curate a group show in London at StolenSpace Gallery, opening Thursday 3rd September.


With a roster of over 100 incredible artists between us, this is due to be a show to remember!


NEW Os Gemeos Mural Art Goes up in New York City!

Brazilian twins Os Gemeos graced the New York City streets last week on their two-week stay with a larger than life piece (as they do so perfectly), in the East Village/Soho area.  Braving the heat and humidity, this mural went up in under four days with a few breaks from fellow artist friends visiting such as Doze Green, Martha Cooper, Pixel Pancho, JonOne from Paris and many more.  It was a great time had by all and a treat to watch them work.  Have a look at the in progress and finished photos….

Brazilian Twins Os Gemeos Give a Mega Mural to NYC!

Brazilian Twins Os Gemeos Give a Mega Mural to NYC!

DSC_0085 DSC_0091 DSC_0107 DSC_0152 DSC_0207 DSC_0313  DSC_0425

With Doze Green (center, above/below) and Martha Cooper….

DSC_0440 DSC_0448 DSC_0456 DSC_0585

If you are in the New York City area stop by the corner of 2nd Ave. & 1 st St. off Houston St. – you can’t miss it.  Swing by and see the details for yourself!  (Hint: great photo opp from the Whole Foods windows across the street.)  Enjoy!

–For more info on the author/photographer visit @leannav on Instagram or

‘Momentarium’ – Christopher Hancock


Momentarium is the latest series of work from Christopher Hancock. Following on from his successful show Depressionism earlier in the year, this new body of work sees Hancock moving forward to immerse himself and his artistic processes in the current moment, the now.

Leaving behind pre-meditated construction, these works embody a process of applied chance and appreciation for what ‘is’. The artist has developed a harmonious bond between paint and consciousness, allowing both to flow freely into new and exciting places.

Opening this Friday 7 August at ‘Off the Kerb Gallery’, Melbourne from 6pm.

‘Trance’ – Slicer

TRANCE by SLICER from Round 3 Creative on Vimeo.

Juddy Roller presents – Trance
A solo exhibition by Slicer

Prolific Melbourne graffiti artist and abstract painter SLICER presents TRANCE, an exploration of dimensionality, hypnosis and the psyche through his signature expressive mark making. Works on canvas, paper, plastic and wood reveal thestate of the artist's mind at the intersection of conscious technical application and subconscious receptivity to nature and music.

Opening reception 6pm Friday 7th of August at Juddy Roller.
Corner of Johnston St and Chapel St, Fitzroy

Video and photos courtesy Round 3 Creative

‘Post-Graffiti Pacific’ – Misery


Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Misery’s natural flare for art runs four generations deep. Known more for her character based works that are fun and magical but sprinkled with a touch of dark humor, her first outdoor works were graffiti-based, and her name gifted to her by Askew One in 1997. Misery’s growth of her characters and worlds, which all live in ‘Miseryland’, are strongly influenced by both her personal Asian and Pacific art experiences, and has made her an individual strong-hold amongst her loyal and forever growing followers. Both known locally and internationally, she is one of the Pacific region’s most well known female urban contemporary artists to date.

Damo: What does it mean to you to be part of Post-Graffiti Pacific?
Misery: It feels like a really exciting time. All of the artists involved in PGP are friends and artists that I have painted and grown up with. We all started out doing graffiti which formed the path to where we’re at today. For a long time I’ve have felt like there hasn’t been a place or genre for the kind of artwork I make. I either get labeled a street artist or pop artist which I feel I’m not really either. Post-Graffiti Pacific is identifying us as contemporary artists from graffiti backgrounds, marking a time and place. It celebrates a unique family of artists from Oceania Asia/Pacific.

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Show Recap: Prefab77



A couple of weeks’ ago, the Prefab77 crew hit London with their first solo show in the big smoke. The show at Hoxton Gallery, presented by Breaks, drew a large crowd on a nice warm evening to view an pretty eclectic collection of works that spanned painting, screen printing, engraving and metal work.

It was brave move to not simply show their more ‘signature’ style (which I immediately associate with monochromatic, larger pieces in the street) but by and large it worked, particularly some of the pieces on wood. The signature style was still in evidence and any work that manges to reference AC/DC songs is always a good thing.

Prefab77-Recap-2 Prefab77-Recap-5 Prefab77-Recap-6 Prefab77-Recap-14

‘A Feature Presentation’ – Hanna Newman and Joshua Smith

Curse of the Coven

The USA based Unearthed film production studios were a horror film studio at large in the 1970s. Rivaling the Amicus and Hammer Horror film studios, the company, formed by Hanna Newman and Joshua Smith was big hit in Grind-house theatres until an explosion occurred on the set of the unreleased film ‘The Sisters of Satan’ in 1979 engulfing the entire film studios in fire.

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‘Post-Graffiti Pacific’ – Benjamin Work


Part three in our ongoing ‘Post-Graffiti Pacific’ roles out today, with a comprehensive chat with artist Benjamin Work. Benjamin is of mixed Scottish and Tongan ancestry, and intially struggled to find a sense of belonging and gravitated towards the pop-cultural influences emanating from Los Angeles in the 1990s, such as skate, fashion, gang and graffiti culture. Today, Benjamin’s journey to learn more about his Tongan ancestry has led him to discover images of antique Tongan weapons finely carved with often overlooked symbols of warriors and royalty. These key figures in motion, form the majority of Benjamin’s works with strength and power and occasionally, the Lupe, a pacific bird of peace, feature in his works. He continues to explore the power of kula (red) and uli (black) and their connections to titles, Christian beliefs and youth gangs in Tongan thinking and practice.

Damo: What does it mean to you to be part of ‘Post-Graffiti Pacific’?
Benjamin: It’s a statement from a group of creatives that marks a place in time (tā) and space (vā). We are situated in a unique and rich part of the globe that has been subject to many misconceptions throughout the ages, so we are one part of that voice telling our stories from this region of the world. Just like our forefathers who were explorers venturing into uncharted waters, also with us, as we explore what it looks like to be Post graffiti in the Pacific Region.

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Adnate ‘Could We’ Print Release

Adnate 'Could We' Print Release from Round 3 Creative on Vimeo.

In September 2013, Adnate was personally invited to visit a community located in an isolated area of the central desert in the Northern Territory of Australia. Led by Indigenous Hip Hop Projects and Katherine West Health Board, it was an incredible experience for Adnate to join them on their journey. Adnate spent five nights with the local indigenous community, ‘Pigeon Hole’, also known as Nitjpurru. It was here that Adnate had one of his most important and integral connections with the indigenous peoples of Australia. He experienced first-hand their ancient culture, the immense beauty of their land and the people of Nitjpurru.

During his visit, Adnate was granted permission from the local Elders to photograph the members of this ancient community. After taking over 1,000 photos Adnate selected the most powerful images and painted two murals on buildings within the community. These photos have become the inspirtion to some of the most important work of his career to date being featured in massive murals in countries all over the world. Adnate hopes that this series is able to raise awareness of the Indigenous Australians and their struggle to survive in the modern world.

Adnate has not yet been able to give back directly to the community of Nitjpurru and in the indigenous cultural spirit of sharing wealth within their communities, all proceeds from the sale of this print will be going directly to the local school of ‘Pigeon Hole’. This will directly contribute towards the education and wellbeing of the inspirational children of Nitjpurru.

This is Adnate’s first, hand finished Giclée print. Produced using high quality archival ‘Giclée’ inks by the renowned Dangerfork printing company. All prints have been hand finished with a traditional ‘dressing’ applied to each print individually by the artist.

Prints will be released online at 1pm Friday July 24 (GMT + 10) and will be AU$250 inc GST (includes Australian postage and packaging). Prints will only be available for Australian delivery.

Print is 600mm x 425mm on 310gsm HahneVideo muhle archival paper, hand-finished with Montana Acrylic Ink, Edition of 200. Signed, numbered and uniquely hand-finished by the artist

All Profits going to the Nitjpurru, ‘Pigeon Hole’ Community in the desert of central Northern Territory, Australia

Available exclusively online at Juddy Roller