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Dscreet “Look Of Love” Film and Print

Inspired by the age old art of seduction and the current phenomenon of online dating, Dscreet’s just put out this new film and print release.

The Edition and film launch online today with Prescription Art.

LookOfLove wide mirror reflection LF6A7975 webDscreet - The Look Of Love collage webTheres 4 sexy colorways of the paper print edition, but also a special edition in 2 colorways printed onto a framed mirror so you can love yourself in the reflection.

Dscreet says;

“Bond set a knowing tongue in cheek standard for the archetype of seduction. I grew up on those films, but in the modern world I’m watching a lot of my friends growing obsession with online dating and matchmaking. At first it seems in human and too processed or calculated, but it doesn’t seem to matter whether you hookup in a bar or on a laptop, the end result is still Love.”


LookOfLove Closeup mirror reflectionLF6A7993Dscreet also made this “Boudoir” film as a homage to his fascination with Bond movies and hooking up on the internet


A Blank Canvas Is A White Flag – David Walker

As we draw into a grey, monochrome winter a splash of colour feels much needed. That splash of colour comes to us in London next week in the form of David Walker’s upcoming solo show at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery, “A Blank Canvas Is A White Flag”. The show is heralded not only to be an all new collection of Walker’s trademark expressive portraiture but also groundbreaking for David as an artist as he explores new techniques and styles alongside collaborations with other amazing artists such as Ryan Callanan and Schoony. Ahead of this new development we sent Jodie to interview Walker for the lowdown on what to expect and where these new territories will lead him.


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The Extinction Project – Walden

In an artistic world where bigger is better, it can be easy to overlook street art’s subtler areas. From an 8-inch, 8-bit invader to a psychedelically coloured rough-and-ready Pidgeon statue brightening up your morning commute, it’s the little things that can sometimes make a big impact. Walden, or Indiana as she is casually known is prolific within the Shoreditch area of London, the local geography saturated with the quiet presence of her eulogy-style pieces, highlighting the extinction of iconic animals in the not so distant past.

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L7M – “No Hope, No fear”

In 2001 one thirteen year old Brazilian boy wielded a spray can for the first time… Thirteen years further L7M, now 26, has scarcely looked back. From his home city of Sao Paolo this prolific artist has sent colourful birds migrating onto walls on a worldwide scale. In light of his recent globetrotting, VNA got in touch with L7M for a short interview to find out a little more about his life and work.

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Meanwhile in Ultraland – Look (Lars Wunderlich)

‘Meanwhile in Ultraland’ is LOOK, aka Lars Wunderlich’s upcoming solo-show at Epicentro art showcase his current works on canvas, drawings and prints. The exhibition centers around the series …It was all green instead.


The topic of the big sized paintings is going back to a dream LOOK had as a teenager: Plunging into the fluid ground of the earth he was able to see the blurred world from below. Carrying and being inspired by this vision LOOK felt now encouraged to paint what he saw down there so many years ago. This dream considered as a starting point for the entire imagery of the artist is strongly connected to the topics he is dealing with. Meanwhile in Ultraland is a post apocalyptic world, ruled by nature.

Opening October 12th – 26th

More info:

Blek le Rat | Escaping Paris

New York’s ‘The Quin Hotel’ has welcomed Blek le Rat as its artist in residence this fall with an exhibit titled, ‘Blek le Rat | Escaping Paris.’ Curated by DK Johnston, the exhibit features 10 large-scale original Blek le Rat paintings, as well as an edition of 25 unique multiples and lithography the artist is creating at the New York Academy of Art during his tenure. This ambitious exhibition of monotypes and lithography is the result of the artist’s collaboration with the team at NYAA. Presented through the Quin Arts program, Blek le Rat’s latest show opens with an invitation-only reception and artist salon at the Quin on October 8th and will be on display during fall 2014.


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‘A Study of Hair’ – Yusk Imai

In the today’s ‘A Study of Hair’ interview we speak with Yusk Imai.  The exhibition opens TONIGHT at Backwoods Gallery so don’t miss it!

yusk - detail

‘Top Hair’ – detail – Yusk Imai

Damo:  for the uninitiated, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

YI:  I am a cat person?

Damo:  Can you tell us about your piece, and how you have responded to the artistic brief?

YI:  When I heard the next brief would be hair my mind went blank.  I always try to escape the obvious when it comes to “A study Of” shows, it is a great challenge.  But “Hair” was a tough one for me.  My pieces are bottom hair and top hair, both pieces start from the obvious, but soon they develop into something different.

I am satisfied with the result.

Damo:  What medium have you used?  Why did you choose this medium?

YI:  Ink on paper, it’s one of my favourite mediums to work with.

Damo:  Why did you agree to be part of the ‘Study Of’ project?  It is a very ambitious task – how do you think it will be viewed on completion?

I agreed because it is a very special proposal.  Not only a great opportunity for me to develop my own technical skills, but also to see different point of views of the same subject from many other great artists. Being able to see the results within a whole, makes me grow and develop artistically as well.  In the end, the collection gathered will be amazing. I can’t wait to see the completion of ‘A study of’ as much as I don’t wish it to come to an end.

Damo:  On a more personal note, what can we expect to see from you in the next 18 months?

YI:  honest concern and hard work towards the quality of my collaboration to the project.

‘A Study of Hair’ – Alexander Mitchell

Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 9.09.59 PM

‘Oh Bondage’ – detail – Alexander Mitchell

This September, Backwoods Gallery is proud to present ‘A Study of Hair’, the third installment in what is to be a decade-long project.

The 2012 and 2013 exhibitions focused on two of the most important vectors of emotional communication: hands and eyes. This year’s theme, hair, is the most challenging of the series so far, and promises to generate an even more diverse range of interpretations.

This year’s artists will include C215, Dave Kinsey, Faith47, Inkie, Jonathan Guthmann, Mark Bode, Merda, Miso, ROA, Stephen Ives, Shohei Otomo, TwoOne, Usugrow, Yusk Imai and Alexander Mitchell.

In its completed form, the ‘A Study Of…’ project will document over 350 artworks from all corners of the globe. The curator’s (Alexander Mitchell) intent is to create an historical source with enough breadth to contextualize a generation of artists, many of whom work primarily outside the framework of established institutions.

Damo managed to catch curator and contributor Alexander Mitchell for the down low…

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It’s Alive…. The Chop Shop

It’s a bar, an art gallery, a music venue, a skate hub and it’s finally here…

The Chop Shop, housed in a former mechanic’s workshop, is only a temporary project – it will run for four months until December 31 after which the building is set to be torn down.

After a Grand Opening on Saturday night, the Chop Shop would be open every Friday and Saturday night until the end of the year, including documentary screenings, custom car paintings, street art exhibitions, a hip hop festival, and Halloween at the Chop Shop .

cho shop

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