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Dscreet “Look Of Love” Film and Print

Inspired by the age old art of seduction and the current phenomenon of online dating, Dscreet’s just put out this new film and print release.

The Edition and film launch online today with Prescription Art.

LookOfLove wide mirror reflection LF6A7975 webDscreet - The Look Of Love collage webTheres 4 sexy colorways of the paper print edition, but also a special edition in 2 colorways printed onto a framed mirror so you can love yourself in the reflection.

Dscreet says;

“Bond set a knowing tongue in cheek standard for the archetype of seduction. I grew up on those films, but in the modern world I’m watching a lot of my friends growing obsession with online dating and matchmaking. At first it seems in human and too processed or calculated, but it doesn’t seem to matter whether you hookup in a bar or on a laptop, the end result is still Love.”


LookOfLove Closeup mirror reflectionLF6A7993Dscreet also made this “Boudoir” film as a homage to his fascination with Bond movies and hooking up on the internet


Skewville with Dubl Trubl – Rat Art


DUBL TRUBL are proud to announce their first group exhibition, imaginatively entitled DUBL TRUBL: Ich bin in Berlin, opening September 18th at Urban Spree, Berlin. A small selection of the best artists in the history of the universe have partnered up and collaborated on artworks that will blow your minds.
“Bigger than Banksy” Liam Gallagher

“Don’t think Banksy should be worried” – Internet Troll

“Dubl Trubl? Never heard of them.” 1UP

Curated by Dscreet and featuring the artwork of:

Aeon, Alex CF, Alex Fakso, Andrew Gillman, Anthony Lister, Base 23, Billy, Birdseed, BO 130, BRK 192, Chips, Chips For The Poor, Christiaan Nagel, Chris Stead, Chum101, Cityzen Kane, Civil Civic, Cone, Conor Harrington, Crack, Creeps, Crilly Smalls, Cyclops, Dabs & Myla, Dan Speight, Darren John, Dave the Chimp, Deus, Dmote, Drax, Dscreet, Ebot, Eazel E, EMA, Eoin, François Jenssard, Fred Fowler, Gemma White, Ghostpatrol, Girl In The Cartoon, Jumble, Kasio, Kid Acne, Kid Crow, Kirpy, Lucas dupuy,  Ludvig, Lush, Malarky, Mark McClure, Matt Sewell, Merda, Microbo, Nychos, Olivia Skalkos, Onio, Party, Paul Insect, phil ashcroft, Phlegm, Pure Evil, Rainman, Rask, Reka, Richt, Rone, Rowdy, Run, Rylsee, Sickboy, Sinic, Skary, Skewville, Skip WD, Sumo, Thierry Noir, Tim Head, Timba Smits, Tizer, Trico, TwoOne, Vents 137, Vinnie Nylon,
Xeme, Word To Mother, Ziggy Grudzinskas, 44 Flavours, 45RPM and 616

Supported by #montanacans

Same But Different; Darren John and Vents 137 Show

Our favourite dastardly duo Darren John and Vents 137 have a very cool show coming up, go there!
‘Same But Different’ | A two-man show from Darren John and VENTS137
Darren John and VENTS137 will be showcasing a selection of self curated works from a variety of series’ of each artists personal work, during the month of August.
Having spent a wealth of time producing ephemeral works together in a  wide array of abandoned, derelict and often unloved spaces, the two have developed very distinct and identifiable styles from a melting pot of similar inspirations.
‘Same But Different’ aims to draw attention to the different outcomes of two individuals who are inspired and immersed in the same subcultures and interests.
The show opens on the 7th August at 6:30pm at The Graffiti Life Gallery, London E2 6EH and will run until 31st August 2014.
Drinks will be provided at the opening courtesy of Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky.


Lush and Dscreet – Patrick Swayze Graff Game

Lush and Dscreet teamed up in Amsterdam to make this film about Bodhi, cus Bodhi rules! Lush is currently driving a converted boxtruck mobile gallery through Europe and doing shows whereever he can find free parking. Check the site to find out where hes at;