FAKE Studio Visit

Our man Liam keown was in Amsterdam at the end of last year and managed to pop and see FAKE in his studio.

“As an artist, I am kind of a nomad. I move studio places every few years in and around Amsterdam. I work with ‘anti-squatting’ agencies and this means all my studio places are temporary.
It has is down sides but also its advantages. Yes, I have to move around a lot but the upside is that I end up in the most amazing places! Right now I have an 800-square metre studio in an old paint factory that is part of the Dutch industrial heritage. So I can throw paint around as much as I like and nobody will be bothered by it.”

“Using spray paint as a medium and using loads of it is very toxic and makes a big mess. So my studio is mainly for painting only. Designing and cutting my stencils I do in my office space. So on most days you will just find a big mess in my studio with paint-dust particles everywhere and used stencils and spray paint cans on the floor. It is one big chaos really‚Ķ But my process of making an edition, for example, I set up to be as efficient as possible.”

“I will do editions of 30 pieces of the same image all hand sprayed with 3 or 4 layers. This means I will have to align, spray, dry and remove the stencil of over 120 times just for an edition of 30. And for every piece of that proces I have a different place in my studio. Once my works are finished I take them to my office to store in a more friendly environment.”